The Hills: Heidi and Spencer's Relationship Vacation Is Full of Baggage

What's this? Only one episode of The Hills last night, after three weeks of double episodes (or in honor of Spencer and his new friends, should we call them double shots)? I counted on them really upping the drama last night to make up for the lost time.

Yeah, well, they didn't. Lauren and Whitney spent nearly the entire episode at a fashion show working for the less-crazy-than-last-week Kelly Cutrone while Heidi, Stephanie, and Audrina enjoyed a girls' night out that Spencer managed to ruin in less than five minutes. Yawn. I guess I'm glad we didn't get that double, after all.

The episode started out with Heidi paying a visit to Audrina at work and inviting her to a girls' night out. Heidi continued to laughably insist that nothing had ever happened to cause their friendship to end, claiming the drama was between Lauren and Spencer, and that she had nothing to do with it. For reasons unknown, Audrina was more receptive this time, and accepted Heidi's invitation. Now, as much as I think this whole "war" is ridiculous and blown out of proportion, I really can't fathom why Audrina would want to be friends with Heidi again, especially with Spencer still partially in the picture. Has Audrina forgotten how horribly Heidi treated her back when Spencer was playing both of them? I do believe that Heidi is lonely and sincerely wants to win her friendship back. I just don't believe that she's going to be a good friend again after she wins Audrina over.

The other member of Heidi's girls' night out gang was Stephanie, who made the mistake of telling Spencer where she was going and who she would be with when she left the house. After finishing off a turkey sandwich, Spencer showed up at the very same bar, and proceeded to sip shots (yes, that's right, sip shots!) with a bunch of girls, directly in view of Heidi and her friends. Heidi went ballistic, and after receiving confirmation from her friends that her anger was justified, eventually cornered Spencer and let him have it. Although it was obvious that Spencer had shown up there just to get her riled up, I couldn't fully side with Heidi on this one. This wasn't like The Great Playmate Incident of Season Two. He really wasn't doing anything scandalous with those girls. By now, he gets recognized in public, and people are going to approach him. Is Spencer supposed to seal himself inside a plastic bubble when he goes out, to avoid any type of social interaction? As good as that might be for humanity in general, it's still not fair to their relationship.

The next day, Heidi told her co-worker Kimberly that it had been "the worst night of my life." Really, Heidi, really? Come on! We've seen you have worse nights this season alone! She summoned Spencer to the Bolthouse parking lot for a rehash of their fight at the bar. Spencer rightfully called her out on making up the rules for the relationship vacation as she goes along, and told her he couldn't wait around all year for her to decide when the vacation will be over. Heidi stormed out of the car, and I have to wonder if her silence on the subject implies that she knows he's right. It pains me horribly to type that sentence, but I'm trying not to panic. Surely, Spencer will go back to being wrong, and the world will right itself again very, very soon.

Meanwhile, at L.A. Fashion Week, Lauren was enlisted to join Whitney in being bossed around by Kelly Cutrone as they prepared for the Whitney Kros fashion show. After being informed of Kelly's basic rules -- wear black and don't show your boobs -- Lauren helped pull off a flawless show and was told she'd gone "from slo-mo to fashion glow!" Whitney had also moved up the ladder to "bitch in training" and was offered a job, which she pretended to be really excited about. It's amazing that Lauren had time to help out, considering that she was showing her own collection at that same Fashion Week. I don't get why MTV is still putting up this illusion that Lauren's a struggling newbie when she clearly doesn't need these jobs. Why do they think we wouldn't be interested in watching Lauren actually live her dream of becoming a fashion designer?

Also, I felt bad for PR employee Jessica, whose facial expression told us she'd be getting bumped so Lauren could get her "big break." Poor girl. Doesn't she realize that L.A. is Lauren's stage, and she just has the misfortune of living her real life on it?

Next week: the return of Justin Bobby!