No Conspiracy Theory From Me. HoH Was Crazy, But Fair.

Posted by Ryn

Wednesday night we got to see the typical HoH competition when there are four people left.

Three house guests standing on a circle and stepping forward or backward based on their answer.

It was mostly a game of chance as the HGs had to guess if certain events had occurred.

The last question, the one that allowed Ryan to tie Sheila was about pre-existing relationships in the house. There was a HUGE pause between the HGs selecting their answer and Julie revealing it.

Folk out on the internet are up in arms - saying this is the latest instance of Big Brother manipulating the game and allowing Ryan to tie Sharon. I guess the theory is that the production staff realized that if Ryan got the question right he would tie with Sharon. If it had been the opposite I guess they feel Julie would have said ‘false’ and the guinea pigs would not have been mentioned.

I find that a stretch - I think it was simply a production issue - be it a mis-cue with Julie or some other problem. All it did at best was force a tie.

When Sharon missed the tie-breaker so badly I thought she threw the competition, but she later said that she was thinking the wanted the average time.

No matter, Ryan won the POV fair and square if you ask me, it was pretty much a guessing game and he got lucky.

If you missed it you can watch the whole episode by following this link.

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