The Biggest Loser: The Finest Finale

The live finale of this season of The Biggest Loser was perhaps the best finale of any reality television show in a very long time. Of course, I'm biased when I say that because the people that I really hoped wouldn't win, didn't!

The show began with Alison bringing out Roger and Mark. We still had to find out which one of them had been voted into the third finalist slot. Both of them looked great but you could tell Roger went all out when he arrived home. He looked even slimmer than when he left the campus. Drum roll please! America voted for Roger! He then ran off to go change into his weigh-in gear while Alison talked to a slightly disappointed Mark. I'm surprised he didn't break down and cry. Oops, that was mean of me wasn't it?

When all of the former contestants came out and showed off their new bodies to all of us, my jaw dropped. It was obvious that most of them really kicked some calorie-burning butt when they got back home. There were a few standouts though. Amanda looked absolutely stunning! To say that she worked hard to drop her weight would be an understatement. It was unfortunate that her husband Neill didn't seem to have worked as hard as she did. His laziness must have continued back at home. Mallory and Curtis blew me away as well. They looked like a whole other couple, and it was great! Bernie and Brittany looked great as well, but whoever picked that dress for Brittany didn't do her any favors. That shirring on the front of her dress made her look like she smuggled a fanny pack turned the wrong way around into the auditorium. The only one missing for the finale was Paul. Alison told us that Paul was ill and couldn't make the trip. That's kind of curious if you ask me.

The first big prize to be handed out would be $100,000 to the person among the booted contestants who dropped the greatest percentage of weight since the start of the show. Curtis led the charge for a long time with his 39.37% drop, but when Dan stepped on the scale he blew Curtis out of the water. Dan had lost an amazing 43.87% -- but there were still some big hitters that needed to weigh in. After a few other people, Bernie weighed in and amazingly took over Dan's lead with 45.94%. I was so thrilled for him! Oh please let him win it! Brittany weighed, then Jay, and then Mark -- and guess what? Mark came one pound shy in his weight loss, which meant that Bernie won the hundred grand! I jumped up out of my chair and was so happy for him. I hope there aren't any hidden cameras around that caught me doing that.

Now it was time for the biggest prize of them all -- $250,000 to be given to either Roger, Ali, or Kelly. After Alison talked with all three of them and we watched their homecomings, it was time for them to step on the Biggest Loser scale one more time. Because Ali had dropped the highest percentage of weight before leaving the campus, she was able to select the order that they would weigh in. Roger would be first up, followed by Kelly and then herself.

Roger originally weighed 363 pounds and now weighs 199 pounds. He has lost an amazing 164 pounds, which turns out to be 45.18%. Kelly originally weighed 271 pounds and needs to have lost more than 122 pounds to take over Roger's lead. She only lost 109 pounds, though -- 40.22%. Then it was Ali's turn. She began the season weighing 234 pounds and needs to have lost more than 105 pounds to win it all. She lost 112 pounds! Ali is the first female Biggest Loser winner!!!

All three of them looked so fabulous, and I wish there had been a few extra minutes left in the show to watch them all celebrate, but we were only able to see the confetti drop and the hugging begin when Alison told us the show was over. But I was so thrilled for Ali! Even writing about this now is starting to get me all choked up again, so I'll just ask you this one final question: how did you like it?


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