Noms And A Movie

Posted by HamsterDame

The hamsters were treated to a competition today. No, not a food competition but one for luxury! It revolved around a new movie coming out on May 9th starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. All I know about the details of the competition itself is that these final four hamsters were split into two teams and there was a losing team and a winning team. I know, it's amazing how much you just learned in my previous sentence.

When the feeds came back on, we found out that the team of Ryan/Sharon won and would be treated to all kinds of goodies. First up would be a special screening of the movie that was the subject of the luxury competition. The movie is called "What Happens In Vegas" and looks to be as cute as Ashton and Cameron are. Click on that link if you want to see the trailer by the way. Along with getting to watch a movie tonight, Ryan and Sharon also won a Beverly Hills shopping spree and star quality spa treatment before going to their deluxe accommodations in Las Vegas for the movie premiere on May 9th. And then they'll get to meet Ashton and Cameron at the party after the premiere. I don't know about you but that sounds like a prize I would love to win.

But what about the losing pair of Adam and Sheila? Well they get to enjoy 24 hours chained together. That's right ladies and gentlemen! After just two hours of being joined at the wrists by a length of fabric (as of this posting), we're already being treated to the hilarity. Sheila has said she won't shower. Sheila has asked Adam not to smoke (he said he won't). They've tested out how the bathroom situation will go. They've discussed sleeping and waking times. And now, Sheila is trying to catch a few ZZzzs while Adam reads the Bible. And these aren't the same cuffs that joined Jen Amber and Kail last season. No, these are the naughty black leather type and Adam knew just how to put them on. Oh baby!

Speaking of entertainment, have you seen the auction yet with Dick and Janelle? It's for charity and it's a good cause so I can't say anything bad about it even though I normally would with those two. Rock Against Diabetes is trying to raise money for, what else, fighting diabetes and Dick and Janelle have offered themselves up as the main prize. If you would like to bid on a date with both Dick and Janelle at this season's Big Brother finale on April 27th, then click here. Perhaps that's a little bit out of your price range though but would still like to help out a good cause. Then check out their other auctions right here. There's some pretty good stuff they have up! All of these auctions, including the date with Dick and Janelle, were originally posted on eBay but according to Dick's blog on his MySpace, eBay didn't particularly care for these charity auctions.

Before finishing off this post, I guess I should also mention that the nomination ceremony was held earlier this evening and Ryan put Sharon and Sheila up on the block. Gee whiz! Whodathunkit? Now we're all just really waiting for probably the second-most important competition of the season and that would the the Power of Veto. The winner of the POV will determine their fate -- or somebody else's fate if Ryan wins it. That is one competition I'm definitely waiting for!

What are your thoughts on what happened in the luxury competition? Do you think the movie looks cute? What do you think about Baller and She-Bot being chained together? Any thoughts on the nominations? Who do you hope wins the Power of Veto? What else is going on in that noggin' of yours? Let me know!

ETA at 8:31 PM - The feeds are back on after being on trivia awhile (presumably because the move has started in the backyard for Sharon and Ryan). But Sheila and Adam aren't chained together anymore. What's up with that???

ETA at 4:30 AM April 18 - Sheila and Adam were chained together while they were alone in the house because Big Brother wants to use the footage of them inside the house along with the movie and show it before the nominations on the show. At least that's what another site says. But that still doesn't make sense because they won the movie as part of the luxury and Adam/Sheila won the chain as part of the luxury comp as well. Hmmmm.

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