Survivor: A Huge Mistake

Previously on Survivor, Jason won himself immunity and Eliza was booted to become the first member of the jury. On her way out though, she made sure to tell everybody that Ozzy had the real Immunity Idol. I wonder if they'll remember that the next few days. For some reason, I think they will.

When the Dabu tribe returned to their camp, all talk was about Eliza using the fake Immunity Idol. They thought it was funny but really loved it when they discovered that Jason was the one that gave it to her. Jason was just thrilled that he was able to win immunity against his idol, Ozzy.

The reward challenge was one that involved swimming and as soon as I saw that, I knew Ozzy would be on the winning end of it. They were divided into two teams of four in schoolyard-pick-'em-style. Each team had to swim out to a multi-level net tunnel, swim to a platform to study a collection of Micronesian symbols, and then race back to the beach. They then had to place as many of those symbols on their team's puzzle board in the same position they were in on the platform. The team to place their symbols correctly on the board first would win a plane flight to the island of Yap and partake in a traditional Micronesian feast and take in some local dance. The only problem with all of this is that there were nine people so somebody would be sitting out of this competition and would have to go to Exile Island all alone. And that lucky person was Cirie! One team contained Jason, Ozzy, Erik, and Amanda while the other team was made up of Natalie, James, Parvati, and Alexis.

Both of the teams stayed fairly close in the competition but at the very end when it counted the most, they put a symbol in the wrong spot on their board. That gave Jason's team the win and off they went on their fantastic adventure.

Erik's incredulity at the little village on Yap was really fun to watch. Ozzy had fun watching it as well, and thought his innocence about the ways of the world was wonderful. Erik, so curious about everything, wanted to experience everything he could. He even accepted some betel nut from one of the villagers. The chewing of the nut combined with the Micronesian beer got to his stomach later as he hurled before laying down for the night.

Meanwhile Cirie, on Exile Island, had nothing to do but think. Those gears in her head turned and turned and all she knew was that she had to get Ozzy out. His having the individual Immunity Idol made him a force to be reckoned with and she knew that if he reached the finals he would win.

When the winners arrived back at the Dabu camp, there were the usual questions asking how their reward went. It's usually smart for them to downplay things but Ozzy didn't want to take that approach. He went on and on about the food they ate and you could almost see the saliva dripping from the losers' mouths. He was indeed acting just like the brat that Parvati and Alexis said he was. James, upset at Parvati's telling him to quiet down earlier, told Amanda that Parvati was being obnoxious which caused Amanda alarm because of their secret alliance with some of the others.

The Immunity Challenge was simple and straightforward. Step up on a log, raise your arm above your head, and have its hand tethered to a bucket filled with colored water. When your hand drops, you get wet, and you're out of the challenge. Yes, it's endurance!

After 20 minutes, Cirie and Erik quit to split a bowl of candy that Jeff brought and used to tempt everybody. The best moment of them all in the challenge came after 45 minutes. Jeff came out with another offering and Alexis dropped her hand before Jeff had the chance to offer whatever it was up to them. Poor Alexis would get nothing and was quite ticked about it. Whiles James was laughing at her, Jeff told them that if they want a chocolate chip cookie and milk they would have to let him know first. Natalie's hand then came down without saying a word so she received nothing. She said she was about to pass out though. That caused James to start laughing again and making fun of them and in all of his laughing he managed to moved just a bit too much. Splash! James was out and without the cookie and milk.

Only Parvati, Ozzy, Jason, and Amanda remained at that point and that's the way it stayed for 15 more minutes. Ozzy was tempted too much by some chocolate-glazed donuts Jeff brought out and decided to hang in the towel. After five hours, Amanda decided to quit because she needed to use the bathroom. It was now down to two people -- Parvati and Jason.

After six hours, Jeff came to tempt them with a full plate of various food. Jason said he would quit if he could get a guarantee from everybody that they wouldn't vote him out at Tribal Council. Everybody gave him their guarantee (Cirie and Alexis with crossed fingers) so he brought his hand down. Parvati won immunity!

Back at camp, Ozzy and James thought Jason made one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history. You don't give up on immunity like that! Jason knew it was a risky move but he hoped that everybody stayed true to their word. Luckily for him, Cirie realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to get Ozzy voted out because he'd never be suspecting it. So Cirie approached all of the girls (except Amanda) and told them of her plan. They loved it! Alexis and Natalie then clued Jason in as to what was going to go down and you could see the look of relief on his face. Everybody had to just keep on acting as though Jason was going to go home so that Ozzy didn't play his Immunity Idol.

At Tribal Council, Jeff told Jason that he made a very risky move by giving up immunity to Parvati in the challenge. Jason replied that he hoped their word would be good and Ozzy couldn't believe that Jason actually said that. Jeff also asked Ozzy if having the Immunity Idol gave him any comfort in the game and Ozzy said it did give him a little. It was time to vote and Ozzy did not want to use his Immunity Idol.

What will probably be the best moment in this season of Survivor then occurred. As Jeff read the votes, the look on Ozzy's face began to change. Jason, Ozzy, Jason, Jason, Ozzy, Ozzy (James and Amanda are now looking quite confused), Ozzy (votes are tied 4-4), and the tenth person voted out of Survivor is Ozzy. Grab your torch.

Eliza, sitting all by herself on the jury bench, was beside herself with shock and glee! Amanda and James' mouths just hung wide open. Ozzy looked like he was in utter shock. After Jeff put out his torch, Ozzy turned around to look at everybody for a very long minute and then headed into the trees. Even Jeff himself was shocked at what had just happened. Grab your torches and head back to camp everybody.

Next time on Survivor, Parvati tries to do serious damage control and talks with James. Parvati tells the girls that they need to get rid of "him" and Natalie says if this goes smoothly, the girls will be unconquerable.

What are your thoughts on Ozzy's ouster this week? And how much of a threat do you think Cirie is?


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