Movie of the Week: Cannes Man

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Cannes Man (aka Con Man) (1997)

Director: Richard Martini, Susan Shapiro

Writer: Deric Haddad

Starring: Seymour Cassel, Francesco Quinn, Therese

Kablan (II), Rebecca Broussard, Ann Cusack

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 88m


Sy Lerner--producer, director, and a legend within the industry--has

announced his next major film. Now, all the stars at Cannes are lining

up to sign up script-unseen. But what sort of plan does Sy really have?

This time he's bet a fellow film executive that he can turn a complete

nobody into a star by the time the Cannes Film Festival has come to a

close. This satirical look at the film industry, shot on location at

Cannes, France, features special appearances by Johnny Depp, Treat

Williams, Jim Jarmusch, and many others.

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