Pinky Has the Power

Posted by HamsterDame

Well what do you know. James won the POV! Of course, his plans at the moment are to keep the nominations the same. Matt's concerned with being backdoored but I really don't think he has anything to worry about. James promised him that the deal he made with Natalie in the HOH competition also included backdooring either one of them.

It would be interesting though if James used the POV and took either Ryan or Sheila off and then put somebody else up. I'm trying to think back and remember if that's even been done before. That would make for some damned good drama wouldn't it? But it's really just wishful thinking on my part. I really believe nothing will change with the nominations. However, the decision as to who will be evicted next will change as often as the wind blows.

What are your thoughts concerning the state of the Big Brother house now that the POV competition has been held?

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