Big Brother 9: 3/14 Power Rankings

Posted by Ladytex

I’m gonna start sounding like a broken record if I begin this article with the comment on the big changes in the rankings. But you know, the way the power shifts from week to week in the Big Brother house, and the fact that there are two totally separate groups, cause the rankings to swing wildly from one end to the other with almost every change of Head of Household. Once again, the houseguest chosen for eviction returns to the house and becomes the one in charge.

With James as Head of Household, I’d almost automatically put Matt at the bottom of the rankings. This week, though, Natalie saved his sorry tail. With the promise she elicited from James for safety for her and Matt, she saved him from nomination and very possibly eviction this week.

Ryan and Sheila, as nominees, are at the bottom of the rankings. Ryan fell from 1st to last, in a reversal of fortune from the week before. James has voiced his preference for Ryan to go and I really don’t see any of the females voting to evict Sheila. She’s annoying them all to death, but I think they realize that they need to keep numbers. I could be wrong, occasionally I am, but I don’t think so this time.

Adam is also in a tight spot this week. I think he may be the replacement nominee if someone is taken off by the veto. James is still a little miffed at Adam for voting to evict him after promising him safety. Matt and Natalie were safe from eviction, but James warned them that if the veto was used, all bets were off. He left himself an out.

Joshuah and Sharon are safe this week. I wonder if Joshuah will try to protect his alliance with Ryan by trying to convince at least Sharon to keep Ryan. He knows, though, that he will have to proceed with caution, because James is not entirely happy with Joshuah’s vote to keep Sharon. After the Head of Household competition, Joshuah did some fast talking to try to smooth the waters and James appeared to be somewhat mollified, but not completely.

Chelsia is really the only one that James really trusts. He knows that she was the only vote for him to stay and her goodbye message touched him. And, of course, James, as Head of Household, is at the top of the rankings.

So my Power Rankings for the week are:

9. Ryan

8. Sheila

7. Adam

6. Matt

5. Natalie

4. Sharon

3. Joshuah

2. Chelsia

And the Power Player of the week is:

1. James

I kind of doubt that the Power of Veto will be used, except by the nominees themselves. James is too volatile right now to mess with. He’s told everyone that whoever uses the veto will have their closest ally put on the block as a replacement. We should find out later today who wins the competition and begin speculation on how this will shake up the rankings.

Look for a Big Brother 9 Weekend Update on our audio blog to let you know how that turns out and to update you on any other important or interesting happening in the house. Until then, catch y’all later.

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