What2Watch: The Lost Reunion Episode

They have been telling us that someone we never expected to see

again pops up in tonight's episode of

target="" _blank="">Lost (ABC, 9 PM). I'm assuming that

someone is Harold Perrineau as Michael, which isn't that hard to guess

considering he's been listed as a cast member all season long and we

still haven't seen him yet. See? This show isn't totally


We don't know if Michael is part of the Oceanic Six or not, but that

last mystery crash survivor is scheduled to be revealed tonight. Also,

Sun wants to move to Locke's side, so Juliet tells Jin his wife will be

in danger if she remains both on the island and pregnant, and Sayid and

Desmond meet the captain of the freighter. I hope we also see Charlotte

whack someone else on the head. She's tougher than she looks.

Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp (VH1, noon and

9 PM): I'm not sure in what way this "boot camp" is supposed to be any

more grueling than any other season of this show, but that's how they

are billing it. Eight celebrities -- including a "Nick Nolte's younger

brother"-looking Willie Aames and all-time tool Dustin Diamond -- join

Harvey Walden as the pounds and good taste melt away.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (BBC American, 8

PM): Season finale: Ramsay heads back to the Fenwick Arms to see if

overworked owner Brian has stuck to the simplified menu he laid out,

but he finds the situation worse than ever.

Smallville (CW, 8 PM): Pete Ross, now a

roadie for the band One Republic (gag), chews gum laced with kryptonite

and acquires superpowers; Lex finds out and tries to blackmail Pete

into helping him.


Micronesia (CBS, 8 PM): The fake Immunity Idol that Ozzy

created a couple of weeks ago gets discovered tonight. Also, the widely

aired previews seem to indicate that Jonathan Penner runs into some

serious issues as a result of the puncture wound he received last week.

I know from personal experience that infections like that can be a

major problem, even if you aren't living in filth on an island.

Carter Can (HGTV, 8:30 PM): We hear so much

about men needing their own "lair" in the home, but don't wives deserve

one too? Carter and his team set out to build one.

American Chopper (TLC, 9 PM): An assignment

for Klipsch Audio is put in jeopardy due to a shortage of qualified

help at Orange County Choppers.

Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 9 PM): The

candidates have to build and sell a new sandwich for a major chain.

This is the highly touted "Omarosa-free" episode. Such a good idea that

it makes one wonder why they just didn't go all out and do an

Omarosa-free season.

Reaper (CW, 9 PM): The first new episode of

this funny little diversion in over three months finds Sam, the Devil,

and the rest of the gang on Thursdays. Sam tries to stop a hack

musician from selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for success,

and Sock is none too pleased to find his mother has returned from Las

Vegas with a new husband.

Who Knew? With Marshall Brain (National

Geographic, 9 PM): A new series that examines the (they would have us

believe) fascinating way that everyday objects are constructed.

Speedboats, golf balls, and fireworks are covered this week. Not a bad

idea, but it sounds awfully similar to the Science Channel's How Do

They Do It?, which comes on right after this show ends.

In Treatment (HBO, 9:30 PM): Everybody on

this show has daddy issues! Amy begins talking about her father's death

and has a surprising revelation for Jake in the process.

Celebrity Rehab (VH1, 10 PM): This 90-minute

reunion show, minus the relapsed Jessica Sierra and the jerk Daniel

Baldwin, covers how everyone has coped since the end of the process.

Eli Stone (ABC, 10 PM): Eli helps Maggie in

a malpractice suit against an anesthesiologist who works at Nathan's

hospital; a vision finds Eli chased by a dragon; Eli and Taylor see a

George Michael concert, for real.

LA Ink (TLC, 10 PM): The other artists have

had it with Pixie's so-so management, forcing Kat to make a decision

about her future.

Lipstick Jungle (NBC, 10 PM): Victory

wonders if her new investor has an ulterior motive; Nico accompanies

Wendy on a trip to Scotland to meet a major author.

Make Me a Supermodel (Bravo, 10 PM):

Apparently, Perry's girlfriend has been in the tabloids, which is sort

of hard to believe considering Perry himself wouldn't seem famous

enough to rate tabloid coverage even after being on TV for the last two

months. Does the girlfriend work for the Emperor's Club? On the actual

show, either Ben, Ronnie, or Casey will go home, and everyone else will

head to New Orleans to do some charity work and participate in a

cemetery photo shoot.

Naked Science (National Geographic, 10 PM):

Tonight's episode explores theories about how life began. One thing we

do know: whatever the first living thing was, it sat down for an

interview with Larry King.

Ace Of Cakes (Food Network, 10:30 PM): Mount

St. Mary's University is celebrating its 200th anniversary, and there's

no better way to celebrate such an occasion than with a cake shaped

like a clock tower. Think about that when your tuition goes up 10% next

year, kids.

House Hunters (HGTV, 10:30 PM): A newlywed

couple in Nashville is ready to give up apartment life.

Lil' Bush (Comedy Central, 10:30 PM): OK,

I'm calling for a moratorium on Kevin Federline cameos, even if they're

only voiceovers (he plays Lil' Karl Rove). The joke, like K-Fed

himself, is badly played out.

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