HoH Endurance Live Blog: James Wins!

Posted by HamsterDame

Yay! An endurance competition! These are always my favorites and I'm sure they're yours too. Go turn on your feeds to watch with me!

I'll be updating this post with the results as people drop out. What do you think about this endurance challenge? Who do you want to win this challenge and become the next Head of Household?

Come into chat and let's talk about it!

6:18 PM - The feeds are back up. Adam is sitting on the couch with Ryan so Adam's not the HOH! LOL! Josh is out as well.

6:28 PM - Matt fell down and he's out.

6:38 PM - James and the other ladies are still on their balls. Sounds dirty doesn't it? James has said that he knows he has to stay up there because if he doesn't he'll be nominated. Sheila's working really hard to stay on. Natalie, Chelsia, and Sharon don't seem to be having a hard time of it at all just yet.

6:43 PM - Sheila's feeling nauseous. The audio on the feeds keeps cutting in and out for me and I'm having a hard time following conversations.

6:45 PM - Sheila's out! Just Sharon, Chelsia, Natalie, and James still swinging.

7:06 PM - The balls have stopped swinging and the same four are still standing on their discs above the disco ball. Trivia comes and goes.

7:08 PM - The balls start swinging again. Natalie wants Ryan and Matt and them to save her some food.

7:21 PM - Could one of you go and knock Natalie off please? I'm tired of hearing her yapping. Regardless, the final four remains Sharon, Chelsia, Natalie, and James.

7:26 PM - Oh sweet baby Jesus! Matt told Natalie that she was doing a good job and just might get her massage tonight. Natalie responded by saying, "Don't you want to feel up on my sexy body?" *barf*

7:31 PM - Some of the balls have a lot more white stuff on them than others. I wonder how much that white stuff weighs. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm just trying to see how many jokes about balls I can make. The four are still up there by the way.

7:44 PM - All of their arms are tired. Big Brother needs to shake things up a bit and move it on along. Again, shut up Natalie!!! Poor you haven't experienced being HOH yet and so that's why the others should let you win? She wants to win one for once. Cry me a freaking river.

7:50 PM - Natalie keeps wanting to talk to James and James told her he doesn't want to talk right now. He just wants to concentrate. Natalie then proceeded to say she wishes she could sing. She can't stand not talking to people. Oh, and don't mind her talking to herself. She tends to do that alot. Now she's trying to talk to Chelsia.

7:52 PM - Yay! The audio for feeds 3 and 4 are finally working!

7:54 PM - Natalie sounds like she's praying silently to herself. Thank you God! Baller's sleeping on the couch outside.

7:57 PM - Baller alert! He is awake after all and making weird faces while laying on the couch.

8:12 PM - The final four of James, Chelsia, Natalie, and Sharon are still at it. At least Natalie's shut up. Perhaps that means she's finally getting tired. One can only hope.

8:16 PM - Sharon jumps off. She says she's done and can't feel her legs. Down to a final three now of James, Chelsia, and Natalie.

8:17 PM - Sharon's back inside talking to the guinea pigs and Josh. Natalie told James and Chelsia that she's not after them this week. She's after Josh.

8:20 PM - Sheila asks Natalie how she's doing and Natalie says she's doing good. It's just like hanging on a stripper pole. Priceless.

8:35 PM - Hot pizza has arrived. James, Chelsia, and Natalie are hanging in. Natalie still keeps trying to make a deal with James. James is hellbent on winning though.

8:48 PM - Chelsia looks miserable. Natalie and James look to be doing the best right now.

8:54 PM - During a brief FOTH, Big Brother told them no more squatting. This should go much quicker now.

8:57 PM - Some light deal-talking going on now. Chelsia is looking pretty bad. James is beginning to have a really hard time as well. Natalie looks to be the strongest person at the moment.

9:02 PM - Chelsia just fell. She's mad at herself for falling. She's upset. It's now down to Natalie and James. Natalie telling again James that she brought him back. He tells her that he wants to stay up though. If he got off, it would ruin him.

9:05 PM - Natalie and James both tell themselves they're in for the long haul. Neither seem to have any intention of getting down any time soon.

9:15 PM - Natalie and James are still at it. Not much talk going on between them. Chelsia's enjoying her pizza and still trying to get feeling back in her feet.

9:28 PM - James and Natalie talking about how they want to stay up there and actually earn the HOH. Natalie begins going on again about wanting to win HOH just one more time and how she may not get another chance.

9:33 PM - James has said his fingers are blistering. Natalie asked him if he's sure he wants to go 7 hours and he says he does. The platform is beginning to speed up now. Moving them around much more erratically.

9:36 PM - The platform is constantly moving. James asks Natalie to tell him before she falls and they'll cut a deal. She asks him the same. She again says that him and Chelsia are safe.

9:39 PM - In case you were wondering, Sheila still thinks everything is about her. She's going on about Josh verbally abusing her and Adam is trying to keep her calm so that she doesn't play a factor in what's left of the HOH competition. Sheila's pushing hard for Natalie to win and says that James winning is a complete ego thing. She says Natalie should win this because she hasn't been HOH yet.

9:45 PM - James is wanting to deal now. He's not going to last much longer.

9:46 PM - James is going to keep going though. He says he can do this on his own. The platform has gone from constantly moving to only moving every now and then. As soon as they begin to get adjusted to a stationary ball, Big Brother moves it again to make it swing so that they have to readjust.

9:56 PM - Still the same old same old. James and Natalie are fighting it out. Everybody else is watching.

10:03 PM - Josh told James to let her win and let her put him (Josh) up. James says it's not about that. It's about how far he can take his body now.

10:07 PM - Natalie now asks James if he wants to make a deal. James not ready yet. But then he says only if he, the person they both don't like, goes home. Natalie says she can't promise he'd go home but only that he'd be put up.

10:11 PM - Natalie asks James if he swears not to put up Matty. He says he won't. He won't put up either of them. She tells him he has to trust her like she trusted him. Matt tells Natalie from the sidelines to stay strong. Talking from the sidelines going on. Natalie says she feels like she's going to vomit.

10:13 PM - James tells Natalie he'll make that deal with her. She tells him she knows but she has to think. He tells her he got a second chance in this game and he's not going to f*ck that up.

10:14 PM - Natalie says she feels like she's going to vomit. She says she doesn't want Matty to go up. James tells her he won't go up. James tells her to throw up and stay with him. Natalie begins to dry heave. James says he doesn't know what to say to her. Matt tells her to take the deal.

10:15 PM - Natalie drops after making the deal. She immediately begins to puke. James says he's not going to f*ck over people like they f*cked over him. Everybody's giving Natalie water now. She's exhausted. James is smoking a cigarette and talking with Josh. James tells Josh he's not going to put up Matt and tells Josh that he's fine.

10:18 PM - Natalie's fine. She's just tired and thirsty and weak right now. Everybody's helping her out though. Basically good feelings going on in the house right now. Matt tells Natalie that he's so proud of her and gives her a hug. Natalie and James hug and he tells her that he won't go back on his word.

After almost 4 1/2 hours, James is the new HOH! :)

With that, HamsterDame is going to bed. LOL!

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