3/12 Live Blog: Surprise! James is Back

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-:45 - Are you excited about the show tonight? I really can't wait to see who'll be coming back in the house. You can follow along with the show (8:00 PM ET) by refreshing this page and/or joining in to chat. I'm going to stick with Gabbly again since everybody seems to like that the most. It's free for you and easy to use. If you're interested in chatting before, during, and right after the show you can do so by clicking here. BTW, you can choose whatever screen name you want to go by in Gabbly by clicking in the "Name" box and typing in your name. Enjoy the show everybody! If you've already watched the show by the time you read this, scroll down and give me your thoughts on the show tonight.

:00 - Previously on Big Brother....

:03 - Hola Julie! Horrible sweater! It's day 35 and it's been a week of emerging power players in the house. James and Matt fought to control HOH Ryan. A third power player emerged from left field. Sheila intervened and convinced Matt to do her bidding. Either James or Sharon will be evicted tonight. What the houseguests don't know is that there's a surprise in store for them that could change everything. For the past week, you've been voting to give an evicted houseguest a chance to return to the game.

:04 - But first, all hell broke loose as accusations of who betrayed who and who would ultimately pay the price.

:05 - Footage of POV ceremony with Ryan putting James up instead of Matt.

:05 - Matt says it's on now to Josh and then goes in backyard screaming. Matt in DR says that's what happens when you try to get at him. Natalie telling Matt that Josh is livid. Josh's stupidest move was telling her what was going to go down because she would tell her partner. Matt in DR says they're all shook up right now.

:06 - Chelsia up in HOH with Ryan and she's upset. Josh comes in. Ryan tells them that Matt's one of his boys. Chelsia tells him not to play her for a fool and that it's on now. ryan said he could have taken her veto away. Matt comes in. Ryan tells Matt and Chelsia he wants to talk to Josh alone.

:07 - Ryan tells Josh that he didn't put Josh up because he wasn't going to eff him over. Josh says this totally works.

:07 - Sharon in living room with others. Matt comes over to her and tells her she ain't going nowhere. Sharon in DR says she doesn't trust anybody more than she could throw them. Natalie and Sheila tell Sharon she's staying. Matt in DR says he wanted James in the crew but when he got word he was trying to screw him over it was done.

:08 - In backyard, Sheila tells Ryan he did the right thing and asks her if they're still voting out James. She said of course. Josh/Chelsia come out to lay out. They ask Sheila how she's doing. Sheila says she's not doing good. Matt tells Josh that he thought he was the dick of the house. Sharon tells Josh to stop because he's about to argue with Matt. Sharon in DR says that Josh needs to chill out because people are going to be afraid of his blowups. Josh in DR says if you really want to set him off just tell him to shut up or shush him.

:10 - Sheila/Sharon talking in backyard. Sharon tells Sheila that Matt was trying to kiss up on her in the HOH room. Sheila shocked! Sharon tells her she's been working since she got HOH. Sheila asked if he was a good kisser. Sharon said no and said it was like a dog. Sheila in DR says that Sharon came across as a quiet introverted person when she came in the house but she thinks Sharon will do just about anything to win the game.

:11 - Sheila tells Natalie up in HOH about Sharon kissing Matt. Natalie stunned.

:12 - Sheila/Natalie talk in sauna. Natalie says this all makes her not trust Matty now. Her gut's telling her one thing -- to get rid of Sharon. Sheila told her she was thinking the same thing. Natalie says she wants her gone now. She's sneaky but deadly. Natalie in DR says Sharon needs to go because she's getting to close to Matty and that now she wants to vote to keep James.

:13 - James goes into sauna and they tell him they'll be voting to keep him. James says he has the votes. They give him their word.

:13 - Matt tells Natalie that James will be gone. Natalie tells him she's going to make the best move for her and he wants to take her to go chat real quick. In the bedroom, Natalie tells Matt he's trying to play her for the fool. The way he treats her is not nice. Matt says he doesn't like any girl in the house. Natalie says she hopes he's not talking about her. She tells him that she wants a little attention from him. It's always whatever he wants and whatever's convenient for him. Matt says then that's fine they're not partners anymore. He's moving out of the bed. He tells her that if she's not with him she's against him. Are you with me? She answers, "I don't know."

:15 - The houseguests have already cast their votes to evict. Chelsia in DR says that Sharon should leave because she's not playing the game. If James stayed, she thinks she could get far with him. Adam thinks James should be gone because of Chelsia and they're too strong of a couple. Sharon needs to go because you have to watch out for the quiet ones. Matt says James needs to evicted because you can't trust a kid with a pink mohawk and he's a stronger player than Sharon. He must go. Commercial.

:18 - It's time to go to the living room and check in with everybody. Julie asks Matt about his not holding back after the veto ceremony. Was there ever any doubt in his mind? Matt says of course but he's happy to be there. Julie asks Natalie about them being teamed up as partners and asks if her relationship with Matt has changed since and if so, how? Natalie says now but Matt in the background shook his head yes (Natalie didn't see it). Matt says they're BFFL and hugs her (LOL!). Julie asks everybody to check out this video of Sheila coming out in her unitard (clip shown on last night's show). Julie asks them if Jen or Sheila wore the unitard best. They all say that Sheila has.

:21 - Since being evicted, the evicted have not returned to their regular lives. Let's catch up with them. At Jacob's sequester house, he's praying and thinking about Sharon and hopes she's doing good in the game. If he got back in the house they could spice some things up. At Jen and Parker's sequester house, she feels they weren't given a fair chance. She doesn't know if Ryan's still in the house and says if she goes back in the house she'll go back in with a vengeance. Parker said it would be awesome if he could come back. He would give somebody an earful if they crossed him again and wouldn't hold back. At Alex and Amanda's sequester house, she says that they don't get along and they butt heads. Alex feels he should go back in because of the position she put him in. He says when he goes back in the house he won't be the nice guy anymore. Amanda says she'd look out for herself if she went back in. At Allison's sequester house, she's doing yoga by the pool. She says she deserves to be back in the house because she deserves to get revenge. She's swallowed every ounce of ridicule and torture that came her way and remained strong. If she comes back, it's going down in a big big way.

:23 - Julie tells us it's time to reveal who we want back in the house. The formerly evicted are standing outside the front door. Julie tells Allison she has some news for her -- that Ryan became the new HOH. We can't hear her answer (mic not working) but we hear Matt in the background. She tells them that America's been voting the last week. In a few seconds, she's going to tell them who America chose. But whoever wins, don't get too excited too soon. Because the power will then shift to the houseguests. Who will vote live to bring back either the houseguest they evict tonight or you? They're all shocked. Julie tells them that the twist will be that their identity will be kept secret from the houseguests because they'll be hidden in a mystery box. Will they vote back the devil they know or the devil they don't? Who will be in the mystery box? Parker, you came in second place. Alex, America picked you. Congratulations Alex! He's absolutely shocked.

:26 - Natalie in DR says she wants to get Sharon out of the house because she's sneaky. James/Chelsia also have a strong relationship so that could be a huge threat too. Sheila says that Sharon's playing both sides of the house but she's a woman and the females need to stick together. Josh in DR says that Sharon needs to be voted out because she's easily intimidated and he doesn't need her to flip flop. Commercial.

:29 - Julie welcomes us back. It's time to find out who will be leaving tonight. Sharon or James? Let's return to the living room. By a vote of 5-1, James you have been evicted. He hugs Chelsia and walks off. Natalie tells him bye. Nobody gets up to hug him bye except Chelsia. James walks out.

:31 - James comes out to meet Julie. Back inside, Sharon is about to cry and Sheila looks confused. Chelsia goes off to cry but is trying to hold off the tears. Natalie hugs her and Matt and Ryan hug Sharon. Chelsia says it's just a game.

:31 - Julie asks James why nobody said goodbye to him except for Chelsia. He said it's because that was the way he wanted it - he didn't want the people voting him out to be fake with him. Julie asks James who's playing the game the best in the house? He says Sheila because she's hanging low. James says he really likes Chelsia and wants to hang out with her outside the house. He says he would do whatever it takes and he's glad he met her on reality TV of all places.

:33 - Chelsia with a special goodbye message for him. She's crying and tells him she thinks she's an amazing person and is beautiful on the inside and the out. When she came in to the house, she thought it was impossible to connect with somebody in 35 days but it happened. She does care about him and will be thinking about him every day and will miss him alot. James says it was nice of her and he loves her alot. Julie calls him out on the "L" word. He says it's a different kind of "L" word.

:34 - Julie asks what would he say if it may not be the end of the line for him. He says he may crap his pants. She asks him to keep it clean from here on out. Julie tells him what's going on. He's in shock. He watches as the siren goes off inside the house. Everybody's shocked. Chelsia looks excited. They're all speculating that James may be coming back.

:35 - You hear Sharon saying it could be and listing off the previously evicted houseguest's names. Commercial.

:39 - Julie welcomes us back. Let's return to the living room and surprise everyone with the news. Hello again houseguests. She says she has another important announcement. On the plasma is a box. She says in this box is someone from their past. It is either Jacob, Jen, Parker, Amanda, Alex, or Allison. Josh worried. She tells them about America voting for one of them to return. Their choice is in the mystery box. Houseguests, you have a difficult decision before you. Either bring back whoever is in the mystery box or bring back James. In a moment, you will vote live. Think carefully who America would put back in the house or is it in your best interesting to bring back James? Time for the live voting to begin.

:41 - Ryan votes for mystery houseguest. Chelsia votes for James (before Julie can finish asking her). Matt votes for mystery houseguest. Sheila votes for mystery houseguest. Vote is now 3 for mystery and 1 for James. Josh votes for James (he yells it!). Natalie says it's a hard decision and votes to bring back James. Votes are tied 3-3 now. Adam votes for James. 4-3 for James now. Sharon votes for James. 5-3 for James now. It's official. When we return, the houseguests will find out who will be returning. Commercial.

:48 - Julie welcomes us back and tells us it's time to reveal to the houseguests who they chose to bring back. During the break, the mystery box was delivered. Inside is the houseguest you voted to bring back in the game. Chelsia is so super excited. Go ahead and open it. It's James! Sharon screaming. James yells that he's back. Natalie says yay Jamesy! Everybody goes off to the backyard for the HOH competition.

:49 - Backyard is set up with disco balls hung from a giant platform. They have to grab onto a disco ball and grab onto the chain and stand on the gold disc above the disco ball. They must remain standing upright for now. No crouching allowed. Tonight, since we brought back someone from your past, since we brought back someone from your past is called "Big Brother Disco". It's time we take things up a notch. The disco balls are raised. If at any point you fall off, you will be eliminated. The last one remaining above their disco ball will be the new HOH. The competition starts now.

:51 - The platform is going up and down and circling around. Julie asks if everyone's 'Stayin' Alive' and says she'll be back to check on them in a little while. When we come back, a champagne toast for our houseguests. Commercial.

:54 - Julie welcomes us back. She asks them how they're doing so far and says that everybody's still there so far. Julie asks if James can hear her and we don't hear if he can or not and the cam shoots to the guinea pigs. He says it feels great to be around all the people that voted him out. She tries to tell him how the vote went. She tells him that 5 people voted him back in and 3 didn't. Houseguests, you all have a very long night ahead of you. But what would singles night be without something to celebrate with? Natalie guesses champagne. Julie tells her yes. Natalie asks if they can drink it. Julie tells her at their own risk. Julie tells them to settle in and hang on tight and that it's a battle of endurance.

:56 - Julie tells us to go watch the rest of the competition on the feeds. Find out on Sunday how the competition went. Same old same old. Reminds us of Big Brother After Dark.

:57 - Goes back outside to see how everybody's doing. Everybody hanging in there. Chelsia says it smells good. Credits rolling. Suds being shot out. Show's over!

What did you think about the show tonight? Can you believe that America voted for Alex? I can. I thought it was kinda shocking that Parker came in 2nd place in the votes though. Are you glad that James is back? Or do you wish it had been Alex that re-entered the house instead?

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