The Biggest Loser: Second Chances

It was really nice to see the eliminated contestants return in this week's episode. Even if they were only around long enough to weigh in, I liked seeing their progress since their departures. We usually just have the little updates on them at the end of the shows when they've been eliminated, but you always wonder if they really keep up with their workouts and diets once they leave.

Allison revealed to the final six at the beginning of the episode that the eliminated contestants' game hadn't ended yet. For the first time in Biggest Loser history, the ousted would have a chance to rejoin the competition. The final six were shocked as the curtain came down and the former contestants were revealed to them. Allison explained that the eliminated would have their weigh-ins in two groups: female and male. The person from each group who lost the highest percentage of weight from the time they began the show would win the chance to come back on campus.

Many of the eliminated contestants seem to have been doing a great job in that area. There were a few that you could tell hadn't really done much, especially taking into account how long they'd been off the show. Like the father/daughter team of Jenni and Lynn -- they were the very first couple eliminated and they had the longest amount of time to lose some weight. Jenni has only lost 38 pounds since the beginning of the show and Lynn has lost 64 pounds. I think Neill from the newlywed couple should have been able to lose more weight that he has as well. Yeah, he's lost 55 pounds, but he was (and is) a big boy. Big guys and gals lose weight quicker than the less-obese, so he's obviously been slacking. His wife Amanda is looking fantastic though!

Bette-Sue's daughter Ali looked absolutely fantastic and so did Dan's mom Jackie. You could tell just by looking that one of those two would come back into the competition. Ali had lost 67 pounds and Jackie had lost 64 pounds, but Ali had the highest percentage of weight loss at 28.63%, so she was back in the game. The competition between the guys was really only between two as well. Bernie, who had left the night before, had lost 88 pounds (31.10%) but Mark of the brothers team had lost 90 pounds (31.58%). Mark was back in the house. Ick! I wanted to stop watching right then but I didn't.

Mark got to decide who to train with since he'd lost the highest percentage, and it was obvious he was going to choose Bob. So Ali was stuck with Jillian. Later, Jillian joined the other girls up in their room and found them depressed about Bernie not being back and upset that there were two more people that they'd have to get past to be a finalist. I wanted to scream through the TV at them and tell them to suck it up. Seriously, they're going to have to get on the ball if they expect to be finalists. Even though you and I may not like it, it's really become obvious that the guys on the blue team have this game sewed up.

The competition was rather stupid this week. They had to ride stationary bikes and pedal to light up light bulbs. Boring! The final round came down to Mark and Dan; Dan was able to pull through and win. I don't like him that much but I was happier to see him win than one of the brothers. Dan's prize for winning the competition was having an extra vote at the elimination ceremony.

The weigh-in didn't go very well for the black team. Besides Jillian and Allison getting into it over Allison's questioning of Brittany (this bit was hilarious!), they just didn't lose the amount of weight that they needed to. While Ali kicked butt and was the biggest loser this week (4.19%), her teammates Maggie and Brittany found themselves below the yellow line. Brittany only lost 2 pounds and Maggie lost an astonishing 0 pounds. Way to lie down and let the guys stomp on you!

The elimination ceremony was surprising in that it wasn't shown last night! Ha! Next week's episode will begin with what was hailed as a ceremony so surprising that it will be worth our wait. And guess what else we'll see next week -- Makeovers! And from Tim Gunn! Now that is what I'm excited about.


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