What2Watch: Bravo Serves Up Top Chef

You have to love the way Project Runway segues immediately

into a new season of Top

Chef (Bravo, 10 PM) without even a week off. You knew they

wouldn't leave us high and dry on Wednesday nights.

The fourth season takes place in the novel setting of Chicago (I

know I must be forgetting something, but I can't recall a reality show

taking place in the Windy City since The Real World went there

about eight years back). The first challenge involves putting a new

spin on the traditional deep-dish pizza, with Rocco DiSpirito on hand

to help judge. As the season proceeds, we can expect plenty of drama,

Padma Lakshmi groping for the correct words, and lots of trips to the

kitchen to satisfy appetites with unhealthy food. OK, that last one is

me and not so much the contestants.


Chef Preview: Pizza 

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Next Top Model (CW, 8 PM): Cycle Eight winner Jaslene is back

as a guest judge and proves a surprisingly tough critic; the women head

to the meatpacking district for (Danger! Irony Alert!) a photo shoot

with pieces of meat.

Big Brother

(CBS, 8 PM): The houseguests know someone is leaving the house tonight

(Sharon or James), but they don't know someone is returning. America

has a 50% chance of driving the house crazy by bringing back any of the

three women so far bounced. Did we do the right thing?

Explorer (National Geographic, 8 PM):

Examining the pros and cons of the prospect of drilling for oil in the

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Real Life Mysteries (TLC, 8 PM): Looking

into an adoption scam in which a woman collected money for babies that

she never delivered.

Wife Swap (ABC, 8 PM): A woman whose kids

help her run a hotel based on a cheesy Swiss chalet theme swaps with

the wife of an ex-bodybuilder who caters to her children.


Idol (Fox, 9 PM): Katharine McPhee, last seen getting

dumped (by her label) and getting married (to that bald boyfriend she

had two seasons ago) is back to perform along with her new mastermind,

David Foster. And someone will be voted out, although that someone

probably won't be Kristy Lee Cook, whose version of The Beatles' "Eight

Days a Week" last night was like the soundtrack to the "descent into

insanity" sequence in a movie of the week from 1974 starring Karen


Ghost Hunters (SciFi, 9 PM): A museum that

was once a jail seems to be very spooky; a Connecticut family says

their house is haunted.

Supernanny (ABC, 9 PM): A couple with a

promising cookie business that they run out of their home needs help

with their three young children, two of whom like to hit mom and dad


In Treatment (HBO, 9:30 PM): Sophie, who is

still defending her father, tells Paul he is appearing in her dreams as

a threatening figure.

Destination Truth (SciFi, 10 PM): Title an

episode "Death Worm," and I'm there with my mescal. It exists in

Mongolia...unless it doesn't. Also, a visit is paid to East Africa to

see ruins that may harbor spirits.

Dinner: Impossible (Food Network, 10 PM): To

commemorate the 400th anniversary of Santa Fe, Robert Irvine is tasked

with preparing dinner for 60, working outdoors in the cold and using

only 18th century equipment.

High School Reunion (TV Land, 10 PM): Three

new classmates join the mix; Lana and Mike keep bringing up their old

issues; Matt wonders if he might actually be finding love.

House Hunters (HGTV, 10 PM): A pair of

Georgia empty nesters want something smaller, but not too small.

Law & Order (NBC, 10 PM): CSI

had its dogfighting episode earlier in the year, and now it's time for L&O

to tackle the issue (I don't suppose they're penning a May episode

about a sinning governor right now?). Lara Flynn Boyle guests as the

proverbial unscrupulous reporter.

Men in Trees (ABC, 10 PM): Marin and Jack

decide to move in together, but have trouble adjusting to each other's

quirks; Jane alerts The New York Times to her wedding;

Patrick gets a kick out of flying Buzz's plane.

South Park (Comedy Central, 10 PM): The new

season begins with Cartman dealing with tonsillitis...or so he believes.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne (TBS, 10 PM and

10:30 PM): Episode one finds Calvin getting reacquainted with an old

girlfriend who promises she's not the same evil wench he once knew. At

10:30, a men-versus-women game night is thrown into a tizzy when

someone blurts out a secret.

Lewis Black's Root of All Evil (Comedy

Central, 10:30 PM): When Lewis Black is mad, his fans are thrilled.

This new series features Black as the moderator of debates on subjects

we have all mused about over the years. Tonight, Greg Giraldo argues

that Oprah Winfrey is more evil than the Catholic Church, while that

contrarian Paul Tompkins claims just the opposite.