Big Batch O' Super Hot Links: Mar. 12

Hello and welcome to our "Fun with Links" section!

Is 300 getting a sequel?

For you videophiles: don't bother buying expensive HDMI cables.

The good news? Scrubs is coming back. The bad news? So is E.R.

I can't think of anyone better to play Salvador Dali than John Depp. I mean, just look at Dali's work.

Brit Spears is headed to How I Met Your Mother. I think that means we can officially write the show off.

Speaking of Brit, her former beau JT is producing an NBC pilot.

Ed Norton is bringing The Incredible Hulk AND Barack Obama to the big screen.

Michael Bay and a Rosemary's Baby remake -- sounds gloriously terrible, though this fellow sort of disagrees.

Sopranos movie news. Seriously, are there any new ideas out there? Any at all?

We ran a We Are Wizards review. So did FilmSchoolRejects. You can also check out our SXSW page, which we'll be updating throughout the week.

You headed to Ebertfest?

Ryan Reynolds is in a new movie called Chaos Theory. Even better, that movie just released a poster.

The Heath Ledger Oscar candidacy is something that my friends and I have discussed for the past month or so. Looks like Australia thinks it could happen too. Speaking of The Dark Knight, The New York Times has a great Christopher Nolan interview here.

Paramount is finally coming around to accepting the Internet. They used to hate the information superhighway.

EW is tackling the big Indiana Jones questions. Good for them. We answered some Indy questions ourselves last month.

Vacancy 2 is a real thing? Really?

An interview, images, and video related to the new Iron Man movie.

G.I. Joe's budget is $170m. I could have done it for half that.

Ever wonder how Costco tricks you into buying 700 rolls of toilet paper? The mystery has been solved!

Grindhouse just premiered as a double feature in London. See? They may have the British pound but everyone else gets three-hour throwback horror first.

I love Empire Online but this has to be the worst exclusive EVER.

Vodka helps you take off band-aids? Without even drinking it?

Finally, learn how to make apple dumplings. Then invite me over.

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