Tue. 3/11 Recap: James Gets Played

Posted by HamsterDame

In case you were unsure about what tonight's show would focus on, it was all about Operation Crooked Eye. Or Operation C. Well that's what us live-feeders knew it as. Those operation names were never mentioned on the show tonight. Oh, and please forgive me for the title of this post. I just couldn't pass up using such a great phrase that Sharon uttered.

It was a great show but the thing I was most upset about was how they didn't mention or even hint at how long the Matt/Natalie/Adam/Sheila group kept the covert covert operation a secret. And I'm not talking about Operation Crooked Eye. I'm talking about when the turnabout operation. Whether you like that group or not, what they did by keeping that a secret as long as they did was almost a miracle in and of itself. Especially when you consider that Natalie knew about it. But you know how it goes with her, whatever is in Matty's best interest is in her best interest. *puke*

So anyway, what we saw tonight was basically everything Operation Crooked Eye. Josh telling Ryan that Sharon's the biggest target, Matt telling Natalie not to plan on doing anything with the prize money because she may not be around the next week, Natalie crying on Sheila/Sharon/James' shoulder about how mean Matty is, and then Josh telling them that they'll be backdooring Matty this week and not to say a word to anybody. Of course, Natalie spilled all to Matt in the bathroom and he told her he wouldn't be so mean to her anymore.

Matty told Ryan all about the plan in the HOH room that night and then Josh came in and told Ryan about the plan the next day. Ryan told Josh that he already knew about the plan and Josh guessed that it was Matt that told him because of bigmouth Natalie. Matt then talked to Ryan up in the HOH bedroom and Ryan was still on board with the plan at that time.

Then came the Power of Veto competition. Ryan, Sharon, Chelsia, Adam, Sheila, and Josh were the ones competing while Matt was not too happy that Ryan didn't pick him since he drew houseguest's choice. Matt did wind up participating though -- as the announcer! He got to watch everybody win fabulous prizes and a unitard! The competition itself was boring as hell and I would have hated to have been one of the camera guys having to film the thing. The important thing was that Chelsia won the POV and Sheila wound up with the unitard because Ryan wanted Sheila's $10,000.

Then it all became about Sheila again. Poor little thing was stuck with a unitard because Ryan was so greedy and took $10,000 from little ol' her. I mean, she's a single mom and all and nobody could deserve that money more than her. Chelsia warned her later of playing the "single mom card" and Sheila didn't like being called out on that. As defensive as she was about the whole thing you'd think Sheila had never tried to play that card before. As if! It was hilarious that she actually cried about Ryan taking the money from her in the diary room. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I was unaware that Sheila was the only single mom in the world. I wished I could have told her to stop crying like such a tittie baby. And hey, if she really just wanted milk couldn't she have had Natalie provide that to her?

Anyway, Chelsia used the POV on herself and Ryan chose JAMES to go up in her place. Some were shocked at this decision and some weren't. Some were decent in their reaction and some weren't. Could Matty have been a bigger jerk after the announcement? And could somebody please take those porn sunglasses and stick them up his, uh, nose? I can't blame him for acting the way he did though. I'd probably be more than a little hyped up myself after the whole thing. I'd just like to think that somebody would give me more fashionable shades to wear inside during filming.

What did you think about Josh at the end of the show saying in the diary room that Matt may have won the battle but he'll win the war? And while Sheila did play a major role in all of this sneakiness going on, I don't think she should be calling herself a mastermind. Besides not being as creative as Jen with the unitard, she doesn't have anywhere near the smarts that Dr. Will had. Give it up single mom!

Now go vote for who you want back inside the house! Tonight is the last night! Then come back here and tell me what you thought about the show.

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