Brooke Hogan's Getting Her Own TV Show

Presumably because the pending parental divorce and near-certain jail stay of son Nick mean that Hogan Knows Best is on its last legs, VH1 will be launching a spin-off series focusing on the life of the woman who is, tragically, the sanest member of the Hogan clan at this point.

That's right: Brooke's getting her own show.

The series will follow Brooke as she "strikes out on her own in Miami."

Well, we've certainly watched Brooke strike out on countless red carpets, so let's see if Miami's perhaps a better fit. Honestly, what does Brooke Hogan even do all day? We'll find out, I guess.

This was probably the long-term plan anyway. When Hogan Knows Best first started filming, word on the street was that Hulk only agreed to do the series because he thought it would help Brooke's recording career. Brooke's 2006 release, Undiscovered, sold only 127,000 copies (insert your own "undiscovered"-related joke here). Those are actually not awful numbers considering the album was released via Scott Storch's indie label.

My guess is she'll be back to making records. What else does she have to do?

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