Britney's on a Budget

So a judge ruled Monday that Britney's dad could put her on a budget of $1,500 a week. She'll have a debit/credit card to use that maxes out over that amount.


That's hardly enough to support her Starbucks habit, let alone her shopping habit! Come on, Pops, if the most manic thing Britney wants to do is go on a shopping spree, let her! Lord knows that Sane Britney (circa 1999) worked hard enough that Crazy Britney should get to shop now.

Britney didn't show up at the hearing -- she was busy on the set of How I Met Your Mother, where she's filming a small guest spot. It's an obvious ratings ploy on the part of CBS, but, hey, at least homegirl finally has a viable reason to skip a court date.

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