Big Brother 9: What Would You Do?

Posted by HamsterDame

I'd like to ask you to put yourself in a hamster's shoes. You can pick somebody from this season or even the very first season -- it won't matter. You can pick your favorite hamster of all time or you can pick the one you despise(d) the most. Again, it won't matter.

Now imagine yourself in a situation similar to the one after the POV ceremony yesterday. Or a situation similar to Dick and Jen's cigarette fight last season. Or a situation similar to Michael and Cappy's "almost" physical fight from BB6. There are many more but you get the picture. Now you're in that position and everything's going crazy around you. How well do you think you'd be able to tell yourself in the middle of all of it, "This is just a game."

Because didn't you realize it was just a game going into the house? Surely you'd at least heard about the game even if it was only right before you auditioned. Friends or family might have told you how almost everything you say would be heard by thousands upon thousands of people who would then talk about it on the internet. They might have even told you that people were going to say bad things about you -- both in and out of the house. I mean, everybody's fighting for the money right along with you.

Or perhaps you thought of it as more of a cool place to crash for awhile and get to know some people. If you won some money along the way, hey that'd be nice too. Who am I kidding? Even those of you that fall into this category would wind up getting all caught up in the money once inside the house.

Either way, you'd quickly learn you can only be one of three people in the house. You could let it all hang out and be exactly who you are in real life. You could basically be yourself but embellish and lie about some things. Or you could be a completely different person than who you really are and hope you can keep it all together long enough to last until the end.

So when these explosive situations happen around you inside the house what would you do? Pardon my language but the words "c***", "whore", "bitch", and soooo many others have been slung around the house since the first season. There's a mighty healthy dose of graphic sex talk each season. There's usually talk of illicit drug use, racial slurs that are uttered, and over-the-top religious discussions each season. Would you really be so offended or would you just pretend to be? Do you think you'd be on either the giving or receiving end of those words or those conversations?

What if somebody brought up your family in a mean-spirited way? What about if somebody dumped iced tea on your head or threw pickle juice at you? What if somebody ran at you as though they were going to hit you? What if somebody hid your belongings? What if somebody destroyed some of your belongings? How would you react? Could you imagine being upset enough that you would do any of these things to somebody in the house? Do you think that these behaviors should be considered part of the game? Remember, this is not your real life. Or is it?

So how would you act or react in these situations and where would you draw the line at acceptable behavior in the house? Is name-calling OK? Is making fun of somebody for what they said they've done OK? And what about pushing that increasingly stuffed envelope? Is that OK?

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