What2Watch: Finding Geeks Dates for Five Seasons

Beauty and the Geek initially seemed like the sort of program

that would prove too gimmicky, even by the low standards of reality TV,

to last long, like its sort-of predecessor Average Joe, or the

CW's upcoming The Farmer Wants a Wife. But its fifth season

begins tonight (CW, 8 PM), so grudging respect must be paid.

Unlike the guy-girl team setup of before, season five places the

beauties and the geeks on separate teams. In the premiere, the girls

have to dress down and try to get phone numbers from men in bars, while

the geeks have to test themselves in a quiz room. Some of the geekier

dudes on display include Jim, a computer programmer who looks like he

wandered in from a production of Godspell, polyester cowboy

Joe, and a gay pastry chef named Greg. Best of luck, men. You're really

there for all of us.


Idol (Fox, 8 PM): The first big performance night of

the season is always an event, and for two hours the top twelve will

regale us with the music of Lennon/McCartney. If you love the Beatles,

this is a true mixed blessing: it's always good to hear the songs

again, but this early in the season, there are bound to be at least a

few utter butcherings.

Designed To Sell (HGTV, 8 PM): Taniya and

her team get a Washington area house ready for sale. The first step to

selling a house in 2008: going back in time to 2005.


Biggest Loser (NBC, 8 PM): If you thought this show

had to be getting near the end, you're going to have to wait a little

longer: the contestants eliminated so far come back for a special

weigh-in, and the players who have lost the most on their own get to


According to Jim (ABC, 9 PM): Told to

convert the basement into a play area for the girls, Jim turns the

basement into a lair for himself and then tries to convince Cheryl

that's what she had wanted, and it was only the pregnancy that made her


Big Brother 9

(CBS, 9 PM): Chelsia and Sharon battle for the veto. The season is a

month old, and we're still waiting for a guy to do something to get

himself nominated.

Last Restaurant Standing (BBC America, 9

PM): The teams up for elimination must present a theme evening,

featuring both local food ingredients and entertainment that pay

tribute to local history.

One Tree Hill (CW, 9 PM): Lucas and Lindsey

prepare for their wedding, while trying to keep Nathan and Haley

together; Dan comes back home; Brooke sets up Peyton with an old


The Universe (History, 9 PM): Examining the

challenges that would go into making Mars fit for human habitation, but

would that even be ethical? (Like that's ever stopped us before.)

In Treatment (HBO, 9:30 PM): Alex says he's

ready to go back to both his wife and to Iraq, but Paul isn't so sure.

Right, because there's two more weeks in the show.

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern (Travel,

10 PM): As if Bjork's existence wasn't already enough to persuade us

that Iceland is a very weird place, Zimmern tries out one of the local

delicacies: rotten shark meat.

College Hill: Atlanta (BET, 10 PM and 10:30

PM): BET's pioneering reality show begins its fifth season. Someone in

the house calls himself "Dru-ski." Kids.

Deliver Me (Discovery Health, 10 PM): A

40-year-old woman who has recently had two miscarriages hopes she's

more fortunate this time around; Alane and Yvonne attend a benefit

where Allison will be speaking.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E, 10 PM

and 10:30 PM): The third season begins. At 10:00, Gene deals with Paul

Stanley's illness and a missing dog. At 10:30, Gene worries about a lie

detector test regarding his sexual exploits, and starts feeling a bit

ill himself. As the members of KISS approach their sixties, I think the

plots for this show are going to start revolving around trips to the

doctor even more routinely.


(CBS, 10 PM): Jake and the other Rangers act to protect Mimi and

prepare for battle; one of the Rangers makes a dramatic decision.

Primetime: What Would You Do? (ABC, 10 PM):

Tonight presents viewers with a classic Good Samaritan test; a man and

a woman have a bitter argument; and a waiter flirts with a woman while

her date is present.


Housewives of New York City (Bravo, 10 PM): LuAnn's

daughter competes in a big equestrian event; Ramona prepares for a

fashion show while Bethenny meets with a designer.

The Bad Girls Club (Oxygen, 10 PM):

Jennavecia quits her job and finds there are consequences for doing

that; Cordelia parties her way to clique leadership.

Janice & Abbey (Oxygen, 11 PM): Janice

introduces Abbey to L.A.'s creme de la creme, its movers and shakers,

its big wheels, its people who can get things done. A lot of drinking

will likely take place.