Ask Big Brother Mailbag: Is Ryan Into Jen?

Posted by Ladytex

Hey y'all. Welcome back. Good questions this week! Viewers want to know about Ryan and Jen, James and Chelsia, Natalie's notes, Neil, and the twist. Let's get right to it.

Question: I was wondering, does Ryan really love Jen? They have only been together 7 months. Ryan does not talk much but when he does it is about Allison (more so with her not being in the game anymore). Do you notice that when he talks about Allison there is always a smile on his face? Does he really love Jen? Does he still want to be with her after the game is over? Would he hook up with Allison after the show?

-- Lacie

Answer: This week, Ryan has been talking about Jen quite a bit. He started with telling everyone that the thing he was looking forward to most in his Head of Household room was a picture of Jen, even though there is a picture of her on the memory wall. He's continued to say how much in love with her he is, and has spoken of plans he has for them. So as far as I know, he still wants to be with her. I guess we'll find out when this is all over.

Question: Why can't everyone in the BB house see that they should be getting James/Chelsia OUT? You can't trust James and he lied to Matt before so who knows if he is lying to Ryan now?? They both play TOO good!!

-- Charlene

Answer: Charlene, they heard you. Chelsia was nominated this week and when she took herself off the block with the Veto, James was put up in her place.

Question: Why are you letting a person come back into the game?

-- Lexie

Answer: I suspect it's to keep enough houseguests in the house until the end of the show. I think they'd be down to the final two too soon without that twist.

Question: Why IS she allowed to use the nail polish notes? No one else is allowed to write anything with anything....c'mon BB. It's entertaining, but clearly against the consistent!

-- Alison

Answer: Good question, and one that's being asked all over the Net. Natalie was called into the Diary Room one night last week and told to bring her notes, but the result was that she was allowed to keep them. She was told that she could only share them with Matt. More inconsistency this week, though, in that she was showing Ryan her notes in the HoH room. I guess that as long as the notes are about the house, and not notes communicating to the other houseguests, it's considered okay.

Question: I must have missed an episode; what happened to Joshua's original male mate? If he was evicted why is Josh still there? I understand that couples get evicted, not just one houseguest? Could anyone help me with this? Where did he go? What happened? I am so curious.

-- Judy

Answer: I think it was the third episode when the viewers were told by Joshuah that Neil had a family emergency and had to leave the game. Since it was a couples game at that time, Joshuah got to choose between Sharon and Jacob to replace Neil as his partner.

Keep the questions coming. Don't forget, not only will your questions be answered here, they may be asked and answered on Housecalls. This is gonna be another exciting week. Catch y'all later.

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