The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?

One week before the start of a new season of The Bachelor, we're being treated to updates on those gone before. Honestly, I didn't really care. I watched for an update on the crazy Bachelorettes and the results of the online poll. The only memorable Bachelors for me were Bob, because of his personality, Andy, because of the Navy thing (I'm a Navy Vet), and Brad, because he had the guts to say none of the above.

I know that isn't the most popular thought about Brad, and he's really taken a beating for his decision. In fact, he refused to appear on the show or to answer any questions about what he's doing now. I can't say that I blame him because the show has totally trashed him. They did an update on the two ladies he refused and they are doing alright. Jenni is engaged to a prior boyfriend and DeAnna has been selected to be the new Bachelorette.

The older Bachelors are mostly still bachelors, but not all. Bob has been married to TV personality Rebecca Budig for almost four years; Andrew Firestone is engaged to be married to his girlfriend of three years; and Byron, as far as I know, is still engaged to Mary. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part that Byron would appear and Chris Harrison would ask him about the assault charges filed against Mary for slugging him.

The segment on memorable Bachelorettes updated us on "stalker" Trish, "princess" Erica, and a couple of others. Trish cracked me up during her season and is memorable to me because the infamous Jonny Fairplay left a special present in her bed during the filming of the reality series Kill Reality. In last night's show, she seemed very happy and we were introduced to her fiancé. Erica kept me in stitches during her run on the show. She was just so outlandish and I was hoping that she'd be chosen for the next Bachelorette. She says that she's started a line of tiaras called “T-Ericas” that use real stones and precious metals.

ABC did the requisite blurb on the only success story of the franchise and took us into the home of Trista and Ryan. We saw baby Max and the plans for their new "green" home. They are such a cute family and look very happy.

The results of the online viewers poll were a little surprising to me. Byron's proposal to Mary was chosen as the Most Romantic Moment and Andy's rejection of Peyton was chosen as the Most Dramatic. Prince Lorenzo Borghese was named Least Favorite Bachelor and Lt. Andy Baldwin was given the title of Best Bachelor Ever. Where is Lt. Baldwin now? Somewhere in the South Pacific on an underwater mission.

Finally we were given a sneak peak at the new Bachelor, Matthew Grant, a British Investment Banker. Chris Harrison gushed about it being the best ever and they showed clips of the show. Where did they find some of those trashy women? The same casting agency that CBS used for Big Brother? Next week, The Bachelor: London Calling. Catch ya then.

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