Big Brother 9: Crazy James Really Homeless?

Posted by HamsterDame

We've already learned on the feeds that James isn't exactly homeless and he's told all of us about his biking around the world. But are you interested in just a little bit more on how this all got started? Check out the blurb below and then click to read that person's complete post from November 2007 and find out just exactly what is going on with James.

Last week, a bunch of us here at POKE, had a very interesting experience. We routinely hold chat sessions to just talk to regular folks and understand their tech habits. On Friday, we had a bunch of guys come in for one such routine session. One of them was the Crazy James.

His story paraphrased, -- He is trying to spread peace and love in the world that is consumed by materialistic desires and he will bike around the world for just $100. We checked out the above video on his myspace site. And we totally admit that this kid's got balls. But once you get over that - it's a load of bullshit that irresponsible brands contribute to and perpetuate. Let's examine this a little more closely.

Click here to read the full post and to also check out a video. The article refers to his MySpace a lot so here's that link as well in case you didn't know it before.

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