Lost Names Another of the Oceanic Six

Oh, those wacky Lost tricksters, fooling us again with the Sun/Jin flash-forward/flashback! Or were we supposed to be fooled? We know -- or thought we knew -- who five of the Oceanic Six are: Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, and Claire's baby, Aaron. If we assume that we already knew the identity of five of the six, then we shouldn't have been fooled into thinking that Jin survived the island. But I've always had problems with Aaron being seen as one of the Six. If only eight people survived the crash -- as the cover story the Six are telling says -- and two of them died immediately after the crash, then Aaron's presence on the island would appear to be a problem, because the public would know that there was no infant on the plane (or was there?), and Claire would have had to survive a lot longer to have given birth to a full-term baby. Is it not generally known to the world that Aaron is one of the Six?

Let's assume that's the case: we're left with one more member of the Six still to be identified.

I'm gonna guess, too, that Jin will not be the one who will die, as the coming-attractions announcer so dramatically informed us will happen next week. That wouldn't be terribly surprising after having just had this episode end with Sun at Jin's grave. I'm thinking maybe Michael will have his surprising return truncated -- someone's gotta be pissed enough at his working for Ben to take him out. I bet it's Sayid. That guy is a powder keg.

Hey, where was Sun getting ready to go in her flash-forward? She was packing a bag, and at first I thought, Well, she's heading to the hospital to have her baby. But when she gets there in emergency fashion, her doctor is "away at a conference," and it seems he would be unlikely to be away for some non-urgent reason if he knew a patient of his was about to give birth. So she was going somewhere else. Escaping the Oceanic Six notoriety? Hmmm.

The woman in the corridor on the ship reading the upside-down book: who is she? Have we seen her before? I remember seeing the actress's name -- Zoe Bell -- in the credits of several other episodes and thinking that was cool because I like her a lot, and then she'd never show up in the episodes (at least not that I can remember). And then she jumps off the ship?

Here's my theory as to why she jumped: something really terrible is going on on that ship. I mean, beyond what we've already seen. The book she was reading is Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne, the story of a shipwreck after which the survivors appear to resort to cannibalism. Add that to the "problems in the kitchen" that appear to have reduced the food stores to a couple of cans of lima beans, and a bloody wall that looks like someone's head was bashed against it, and it all adds up to some major ugliness coming down the pike.


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