Survivor: What? You Can't Make Amoxicillin out of Coconuts?

This week on Survivor,

the Fans were reeling after Joel’s surprise torch snuffing. Their

strategy session was intercut with footage of various island creatures,

including scurrying rats. Brilliant editing.

There’s a lot to talk about this week, so let's skip the Reward

Challenge play-by-play. Jonathan competed, but his leg was in pretty

bad shape. Airai won a subsistence lesson from locals.

Before the local experts showed up, medical came to look at

Jonathan's knee. It was a great big gross pussy mess, and the doctor

recommended IV antibiotics, telling him that the infection was starting

to spread throughout his body. He left the game to get hospital

treatment. He's not very likable, it's true, but he's a tough player

and he really wanted to play the game, so it's too bad. At least he

seems to think that he could have won if not for the injury, which is a

nice consolation for him whether or not he's totally kidding himself.

Everybody was a little teary, but Kathy totally overreacted and

blubbered about it. When is she gonna get voted off, anyway?

While Airai (minus Jonathan) was learning how to fish and catch

crab, Malakal discussed the general uselessness of Tracy and Chet.

Cirie had one of the best lines of the episode, referring to Tracy not

being very good at the building challenge even though she’s a builder.

"If they had an operating room challenge and I failed, I couldn't go

back to work." Good point, Cirie. Why don’t they have an operating room

challenge? Or maybe just play Operation? They are running out

of creative challenge ideas...

On Exile Island, Chet and Jason lounged around in the water. That

really does look nice. It’s so clear and shallow and sandy. Hey! I

want to go to Exile Island! Chet seemed like he was a little jealous of

the attention Jonathan got with his injured knee, because he took some

time to complain about a coral abrasion on his foot. (Yeah, those can

hurt and get infected, but this is Survivor and I'm sure

everybody has a few cuts and scrapes by now.) Jason left Chet flopped

like a very skinny beached whale at the water’s edge to go look for the

Immunity Idol, found the half-whittled stick that Ozzy left, and

believed that it was the real Idol. Oh. My. God. Could we actually get

two cycles in a row where somebody plays a fake Idol? Oh please tell me

it's true.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff brought everybody up to speed about

Jonathan's knee. They ended up performing surgery to remove the

abscess. James' strength and a little creative tweak to the challenge

design pretty much won the challenge for Airai. I bet Malakal was

missing Joel a little bit right then.

Back at the Malakal beach, Chet showed everybody his foot (which

actually didn't look that bad to me, just kind of red) and asked to be

voted out. That’s crappy for Tracy and Erik, who thought they should

try to blindside Ozzy in case he has the Idol. He wouldn’t be expecting

it yet. In another moment of crafty animal-related editing, audio from

the chickens was played while Erik tried to convince Chet to stick

around. Nice.

At Tribal Council, there was some open talk about the possibility of

someone other than Chet going home, but when the votes came down it was

Chet all the way. Good. Maybe it’s unkind of me to think so, but he was

so pathetic it was really just annoying.

Next week: Tracy and Erik still haven't given up the ghost, and

Kathy might crack. (Oh, she will, she will. It's just a matter of time.)

* * *

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