Lil' Bush is worse than the Big Bush

As far as I can tell, Comedy Central's puerile satirical cartoon Lil' Bush has exactly one person in its target demographic.

Hugo Chavez.

Yeah, the president of Venezuela, the leftist radical and despot who stood in front of the United Nations and called President George W. Bush a sulfur-stinking devil. It was a defining moment in the rising tensions between the oil-rich South American country and our oil-hungry super-nation. In the words of Elbow, one of my favorite British bands, "the leaders of the free world are just little boys throwing stones."

As Lil' Bush's second season debuts on Comedy Central, I can't help but think that this is less of a stone's throw and more of a toilet's plop. I say that not only because Vice President Dick Cheney is presented as a floating turd in a parody of Ewan McGregor's toilet-diving scene in Trainspotting (the context: Condi's off her meds) -- but because the show is genuinely crappy.

Originally a short series for AMP mobile phones, Lil' Bush is a one-joke show based on the same premise as Muppet Babies (which was effin brilliant, thank you very much); Bush and his cabinet are elementary school kids doing elementary school things, but using the same illogically-cutthroat tactics that have characterized the entire administration.

Unfortunately, the show is only that one joke, plus punk rock interludes. Each character has one (and only one) defining characteristic (with Jeb Bush, for example, it's being a booger-eating baby), repeated over and over and over again to the point where it's less a parody of the president and more of a parody of a parody of the president.

What's worse is that show is already dated. Bush and Cheney are hardly in the public eye anymore because the country has moved on to picking their replacements. Not only that but its rife with anachronism: Lil' Donald Rumsfeld is still one of the main characters even though he's been replaced in the real world by Robert Gates; Lil' John Edwards is still among Lil' Hillary Clinton and Lil' Barack Obama as Lil' Bush's arch-enemies even though he dropped off the radar back in February.

But really, what bothers me the most is that show is just depthless. Comedy Central's led the way in mixing biting political commentary with warped fecal-matter and incest jokes, both in South Park and Drawn Together. Lil Bush, however, is just as obvious and original as calling Bush the Devil. I'm sure Chavez is ROFLing.

You know, for all the rhetoric spouted by the left about the President's incompetence, you've got to give it to him: the man generally gets what he wants, whether its preemptive war or funding for AIDS research in Africa. And with a slicing veto pen, he doesn't get what he doesn't want, including health care and stem-cell research.

So, the question I've got this week is why the President didn't dispatch Karl Rove or some other ruthless operative to nip this cartoon in the ink well. Or demand that Mike Huckabee boycott The Colbert Report until they cancel it. It would've been a service to all Americans, left and right.

It's too late now. All we can do is take consolation in the fact that it can't go a third season.