Big Brother 9: Natalie and Matt At It Again

Posted by HamsterDame

(Warning: adult content.)

Late late last night, actually this morning, the boys were talking in the kitchen with Matt about why he won't take Natalie up on her "oral treat" offers. Matt confessed to James, Ryan, and Adam that he did receive an "oral treat" from Natalie on the second day but doesn't know why he won't accept them anymore. After some talk of STDs and whether or not Natalie received or rejected his "offering" on the second day (she received), it was time for bed.

Adam was in his bed, Matt and Natalie in their bed, and Ryan on the floor between them on his pallet and Adam and Ryan were pretending to be asleep. Natalie's hand was a-roaming around Matt's nether regions and with a kiss from her Matty, she decided to go down for more. The link to the video is below but please make sure you watch it until the very end. If the end doesn't cause you to bust out laughing or groan in disgust, then I just don't think you're human!

Click here to watch!

ETA on March 16 - In case anybody was wanting to know, Matt got another one last night. Two nights in a row for our boy Matty!

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