Big Brother 9: Sunday Surprise

Posted by Ryn

Today may indeed be another day where the house gets a shake up.

When James won the Head of Household endurance competition he promised not to nominate Natalie or Matt.  He kept that promise on Thursday by putting Ryan and Shelia up for eviction.

On Friday James won the Power of Veto so he retains control over the nominations and can change them if he wants, saving one person and putting another in peril.

Most of the fans watching the live feeds assumed that James wouldn't change anything, it was just a matter of seeing who the house guests wanted to eliminate - Shelia took the lead Friday night with her actions, driving everyone crazy as she campaigned.

Saturday morning James went as far as to talk to Ryan and tell him he would be safe, James intended to use the Power of Veto and save Ryan and put up Adam in his place, Adam being the one person not in his "alliance" (Chelsia, Joshua and Sharon, and the one he had not promised to keep safe (Matt and Natalie).  Ryan to say the least was relieved at the news.

But then something changed, and I am not even sure what, I can't watch the live feeds 24/7 and the houseguests never stop playing, all I know is a mere six hours late James had told Adam he was safe and James was talking about using the POV to save Shelia (not Ryan) and put up Matt in her place, breaking his "word" that he was so adament about keeping just 72 hours earlier at nominations.

The POV ceremony will most like be over before most of you read this, but one thing si for sure, if James uses it and puts Matt up, the live feeds may again be crazy just like they were last Sunday after Matt put up James to the shock of some of the houseguests.

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