5 Reasons Grown-Ups Should Give Greek a Shot

It's on ABC Family, a network with programming generally aimed at

tweens and teens, but Greek is also

enjoyable for those of us who've long since graduated from college.

Here's why you should watch:

1. Unless you're into the mambo, there's not much else on

Mondays at 8:00.

Besides, Dancing With the Stars has so much filler it's better

to record it and watch the dances later. Didn't you learn time

management skills in college? (You know, like study while


2. The cast actually appears to be college-aged.

Led by Spencer Grammer (Kelsey's daughter), and Scott M. Foster (of the

deservedly canceled Quarterlife), the cast resembles the

population of an actual college campus, not a modeling agency. For

every hottie, there's a physics geek.

3. No melodramatic, soapy story arcs.

Sure, there's a scheming senator's daughter, a rivalry between

fraternities, and romantic angst, but you won't find any of the

over-the-top plots on other shows revolving around teens and

twenty-somethings like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

4. It's a surprisingly accurate portrayal of Greek life.

Sororities and fraternities are usually not portrayed all that

accurately in pop culture. They're usually shown as lily-white,

exclusive, and snobby. Although Greek definitely shows the

WASP-y side, it also shows diversity in terms of race, dorkiness, and

sexual orientation. There are plenty of in-jokes for any of us who've

ever puffy-painted a paddle or endured a visit from an aggressively

perky field consultant.

5. All of the fun of college without any of the pitfalls.

Relive the good stuff like crazy themed functions, discovering Jello

shots, and living with all of your friends without having to worry

about finals, your weird roommate with the odd toenail hygiene habits,

or surviving your first hangover.

Greek debuted last summer, and returned last week for a

second season. Casey (Grammer) and Rusty (Jacob Zachar) returned to

campus determined to get past their respective break-ups. The fallout

from Jen K.'s school-paper expos&eacut;e resulted in a crackdown

from university administration. This week, Casey tries to win over her

Zeta Beta Zeta sisters while still following the strict new university

rules by throwing a function with a prohibition theme. She'll enlist

Cappie to help, but will they be able to work together without their

chemistry getting in the way?

New episodes of Greek air Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC Family.

* * *

Amy Kane was a proud member of Delta Delta Delta in college. She

always followed all the rules, was nice to the field consultants, and

most certainly did not put dish soap in a campus fountain

during initiation week.