Heidi Montag to Release Fashion Line

She may be a fashion-school drop-out, but that's not gonna stop Heidi Montag from releasing a fashion line. Being totally unqualified has never stopped Heidi Montag from doing anything at all.

From what I can tell, the line's going to be a lot like Lauren's, except totally devoid of fashion and class.

You know how I know that?

It's being sold exclusively in Anchor Blue stores.

The collection is designed to cater to girls between the ages of 16 and 21, with pieces such as brightly colored cotton jersey dresses, graphic tees, oversize handbags, evening clutches and gold, silver and zebra print jewelry.

The line is slated to launch in Anchor Blue stores Apr. 15, with items priced between $10 and $60.

Zebra-print jewelry? Jersey dresses? Oversize handbags? I'm overwhelmed by the creativity.

I really can't wait to see the graphic tees. I hope they have fun, creative, witty, in-your-face slogans on them. I hope they say things like "Bitch" and "Princess" and "Math Sucks" and "I Like Boys" and "College Educations Are Overrated" and all the rest of the messages we so desperately need the young women of this nation's middle class to identify with. Oh, I hope so.

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