Somebody Had to Call the Waambulance on Survivor This Week

Well, I certainly hope you weren't too busy filling out your March Madness bracket to remember to watch Survivor a day early this week. The only surprising thing about Chet's elimination last week was the fact that it didn't happen sooner. Nevertheless, Tracy wasn't happy about it once they got back to camp, and the conflict between her and Ozzy manifested itself in an argument about whether to kill and eat one of the chickens. Tracy wanted to kill it; Ozzy wanted to maintain the renewable resource and keep eating the eggs. Let the chicken live, guys!

The Reward Challenge was an obstacle course involving traditional Micronesian money stones. Cirie and Eliza guided their blindfolded tribes through the course. Malakal was able to maintain their early lead through the obligatory puzzle portion. They sent Jason back to Exile Island, along with Tracy, who Ozzy asked to "take one for the team." That meant she did not get to participate in the reward, a spa getaway. Ooh, burn!

In addition to showers, the tribe got fruit, cookies, and muffins. (Substitute some bad drip coffee for the showers, and you've got the typical Friday afternoon spread during tax season at my office.) As per usual, some of the tribe members opted not to wear their swimsuits in the open air showers. This amused Cirie so much that she was laughing too hard to be intelligible in her interview.

Airai's time at camp was narrated entirely by Kathy, who is totally losing it. She decided to try to send "vibes" to her daughter, and had a breakdown because she couldn't "feel" her back. She said, "I want them to come right now and get a boat and take me away." And Jeff came on a boat, and took her away. Not sick, not injured; she was simply unable to handle the game. Did I say last week that Chet was the lamest Survivor ever? Whoops. I suppose I spoke to soon. Crybaby.

At the Reward Challenge, Malakal was shocked to see Kathy's absence from the Airai tribe. The challenge itself looked totally fun, as the competitors got to run out in the water out to puzzle pieces, then get towed back by the rest of the tribe. Eliza didn't quite get that it might be harder for her tribe to pull the puzzle pieces off the float if she was sitting on them. This girl is in law school? Ozzy did all the running and water work for Malakal. He was fast, but wasn't that maybe an unnecessary amount of showboating? That is not going to go over so great with the rest of the tribe, as he's already drawn notice for being a little too arrogant this week. Airai ended up putting their puzzle together faster and winning immunity.

During the pre-Tribal scramble, Ozzy wanted Tracy out, while Cirie and Amanda wanted Erik out. Ami floated a plan to form a block with Erik and Tracy to get Ozzy out, hinging on blindsiding pretty much everybody else. A smart plan, but it could result in serious repercussions if it were to backfire.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy did not opt to play the hidden Immunity Idol. It didn't matter, as Tracy got the boot. The chicken gets to live another day. Tracy got dealt kind of a crappy hand, though. The two people she aligned most closely with were just awful players. Chet might as well have quit, and Kathy did. Tracy fought hard to stay in the game, but it just wasn't enough.

* * *

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