Big Brother 9: Oh, What a Night!

Posted by Ladytex

Last night was a wild one in the Big Brother 9 house. During the live eviction show, James was evicted by a vote of 5-1. Chelsia was the lone vote for him to stay.

Natalie and Sheila had hoped to trick Joshuah into also voting for James to stay by lying and telling him that the house had flipped. What did they hope to accomplish? They would then use the information to convince Sharon that Joshuah didn’t have her back, and that she would be better off in their alliance. The only reason it didn’t work was that Ryan tipped Joshuah off.

Why would Ryan do that? He and Joshuah have this secret alliance going. It’s very secret. I was impressed at how that worked out last week. Ryan saved Joshuah’s bacon a few times by tipping him off to what the other side was doing. He also let Joshuah know that both Natalie and Sheila were playing both sides of the house and blabbing all to the "bros."

Anyway, as we saw on the show, James didn’t stay evicted for long. America chose Alex as the houseguest they’d like to see return. CBS was very crafty at the wording of that promotion. They never said the houseguest that would return, but the one America would like to see return. The houseguests were then given a choice: the devil you know or the devil you don’t. They could choose who would return: James or an unknown previously evicted guest.

James was voted back into the house with a 5-3 vote. I’m sure Ryan is ticked off. He backdoored James on the suggestion/persuasion of his alliance, and in return two of them basically screwed him over. Had Adam and Natalie stayed true, Alex would have returned to the house on that same 5-3 vote. I figured Adam would switch because he has a connection with James, but not with any of the previously evicted people. It was better for James to return. Natalie, though? The only thing I can think of is that she was afraid for any of the women to return.

That led to the monster endurance Head of Household competition. That was brutal! I can’t imagine standing on that little disc, soaking wet from being sprayed with champagne and foam, on a swinging chain. Mad props to James and Natalie. I even give props to Chelsia for staying up there as long as she did having only eaten slop for the previous week. For a while there, I thought it might go on for much longer. Natalie looked very comfortable up there for much of the competition and was even doing her stripper pole dances. I think dehydration got to her. She had been complaining of being very thirsty for hours before she finally dropped off.

Matt owes Natalie … big time. She stayed up there until she secured a promise from James for not only her safety but for the safety of Matt as well. And that was a big promise, considering the bad blood between Matt and James. He finally gave her a massage last night, but that’s the least of what he owes her. Even Chelsia commented to him that he’d better change his attitude towards Natalie and treat her right.

So having promised Natalie and Matt safety, whom will James nominate at Thursday’s ceremony? Will he keep his word this time? Last night he seemed to imply that Ryan and Sheila would go on the block. Will Joshuah try to protect Ryan? It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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