Reconnect with High School Reunion on TV Land

Who were you in high school? The Popular Girl? The Stud? The Rebel? The Jock? If you had a chance to spend two weeks reconnecting with your old classmates, and have the whole thing shot for a reality show, would you do it? Yeah, me neither. (Unless maybe it was on Maui.) The fact that I wouldn't want to do it in a million years sure doesn't stop me from wanting to watch it, though!

High School Reunion will begin airing on March 5 on TV Land. It will follow the exploits of 15 classmates from the 1987 class of J.J. Pearce High School in Dallas, TX during a two-week reunion in Hawaii. (If this sounds familiar to you, it may be because High School Reunion ran on the WB from 2003-2005.)

The producers have selected classmates who fit into several types. Isn't that what high school was all about, after all? There's DeAnna, "The Popular Girl," Justin, "The Pipsqueak," Kat "The Lesbian" (who is interested in trying to "experiment" with one of the guys), Sean "The Millionaire" and Kirsten, "The Spoiled Girl," who used to be engaged and may rekindle their relationship (sounds like a match made in heaven). There's also Lana, "The Drama Queen," Mike, "The Rebel," and Steve, "The Backstabber." Lana and Mike were married, and had an unfriendly divorce followed by an affair for Lana and Steve. Drama Queen, indeed! They're joined by others, including Jason "The Bully," Heather "The Heartbreaker," and Glen "The Geek."

There is plenty of potential for drama here. I think it's an especially interesting premise for a reality show, to have people who know each other, but for the most part haven't seen each other for 20 years.

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