Football Weekend Hits and Misses

Super Bowl weekend is upon us and you know what that means: flowing beer, lots of faux-football fans repeating what they heard on a sports radio station, the year's greatest day to work as a pizza delivery boy, that one angry relative sitting in a chair with his arms folded and fuming that his Dallas team isn't playing, tons of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson talk, and of course, tons and tons of gambling. I even heard you can bet on the color of Gatorade the players pour on the winning coach. Mankind must be stopped!

And what better way can one prepare for the Bowl game than to sit back and relax with a couple of gridiron classics? Here are just three of my favorite and least favorite football flicks.

Flicks I'll be watching:

Friday Night Lights

Has small town American football ever been better captured in a movie? Varsity Blues isn't a terrible football movie but stacked up against Peter Berg's high-quality venture, it looks like the sophomore to Berg's varsity team.

Remember the Titans

On paper this movie sounds so hokey: a typical wannabe-inspirational sports movie that deals with racial divides in simplistic ways. But it's actually, really good. Sports figures and entertainers -- whether or not we want to give them credit -- do help erase barrier lines. It's an insanely positive experience that features a damn good performance by 'Zel and some solid football action. Bonus: You get to see Heroes's cheerleader Hayden Panettiere in an early role.

The Replacements

Yes, it's a completely goofy football flick and the football action is pretty clumsy at times. But the guilty pleasure derived from it is incalculable. I love The Keanu. I love watching The Keanu act. It's a cross between watching wood rot and the sun exploding. I don't pretend to understand it, I just enjoy it while it lasts. I'm not sure what Gene Hackman was thinking when he made this movie, but God bless him for it.

Flicks I'll be staying away from:

Any Given Sunday

I love Jamie Foxx in this movie, I love Al Pacino's locker room speech at the end and I love how Oliver Stone shot the football scenes. I pretty much hate everything else. The characters are completely unlikable and there's too many redemptive endings that I didn't buy for one second. This movie remains a huge disappointment to me.

Necessary Roughness

I have no real rational explanation as to why this movie made this list and The Replacements made the other so I will leave you with the following: Sinbad's in this. And Scott Bakula. And Kathy Ireland. I'm done here.

The Program

This movie is like Any Given Sunday-lite. A bunch of unlikable characters but starring James Caan (the poor man's Pacino) and the baddie snot-nosed rich kid from the '80s classic Some Kind of Wonderful (the poor man's Keanu).

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