About Last Night: Eli's Coming, But Will Anyone Care?

Eli Stone received the priceless benefit of debuting last night immediately after the most talked-about hour of television in months, and no doubt got ratings reflecting that. But will it matter in the long run? As anyone who has watched TV in the last 20 years no doubt recognized right away, the show comes across at first glance as a knockoff of any number of David E. Kelley lawyer shows we've ever seen. If it's to emerge as more than that, the clock is ticking.

We're in the Himalayas. A man in a Western suit introduces himself to guides as Eli Stone. In a voiceover, Eli tells us he is a lawyer at an elite San Francisco firm, and he also recently found out he was a prophet. He said he hadn't been idealistic at all, until one day he began hearing music out of nowhere. The case he was working on involved defending a drug company against charges that their vaccine caused autism, and Eli was offering a piddling sum. Eli kept hearing music and puzzling people when he asked if they heard it too. While in the middle of sex with his fiancée, Taylor, Eli realized the music he was hearing was George Michael's "Faith," and he then saw Michael performing the song in his apartment.

Eli visited his doctor, his brother Nathan, who told him he was fine, which he couldn't believe considering he was hearing this music. Eli was visited by the woman suing the vaccine company, who said she wanted Eli to represent her now. He said the vaccine company was the firm's client, but he said she couldn't get any more than they were offering anyway. "Faith" came back, and Eli hallucinated that the entire firm was dancing along. Eli visited an acupuncturist who told him he needed to make amends somehow. Eli flashed back to college, and a woman who put "Faith" on the tape player as he was about to lose his virginity. He now realized the woman from the vaccine case was Beth, the hookup from his college days. Eli visited Beth and met the autistic son. Eli told her he now wanted to take the case. He told his superiors that he wanted to represent Beth, and he justified it by saying that he wanted to do it for pro bono reasons to help the firm's prestige.

Eli was now hearing a bell instead of George Michael. He hallucinated a cable car and someone telling him to come on -- he thought it was his father's voice. Under the acupuncturist's guidance, he remembered a day with his father who showed him a photo of the Himalayas to make up for missing time with him. Beth testified about the progress of her son's autism, and was admonished by the judge. Beth then testified there was a direct relationship between her son getting the vaccine and the autism. The vaccine manufacturer said there was no proof of this, and that his product was a lifesaver. Patty, Eli's secretary, slipped him a document from the drug company saying they knew there might be an autism link. Eli said he couldn't use confidential attorney/client communication.

Eli had dinner with his fiancée and his future in-laws, which included his boss (Victor Garber), who said he knew about the drug company's document and knew Eli couldn't use it. Eli hallucinated being on a mountain holding a coffee can, and then came to realizing that he was standing on a ledge outside his apartment, with Taylor begging him not to jump. Nathan now said he had seen Eli's symptoms before, with their father. A new look at his MRI found a small aneurysm, which could cause hallucinations; the aneurysm was in a place where it was inoperable. Taylor told Eli she was worried about the possibility of him dying at any minute.

Back in court, Eli called the vaccine company head to the stand again, and got him to admit his own daughter had never received a vaccine from his company. The company was now offering Beth a good deal more money, but she wanted the company to pull the vaccine entirely. Eli was worried about losing the case completely, but Beth told him the case was lost if he let the jury know he didn't believe. Eli visited the acupuncturist, who it turned out was faking his Chinese accent. He said that the coincidences in Eli's life lately might be a sign he was a prophet. Eli said he didn't believe in God, but the acupuncturist said he believed in sufficient things. Eli gave the closing argument and said it was a simple matter of awarding such high damages that the drug company would be persuaded to do the right thing.

Eli's mother told him she now needed to forgive her husband, because she hadn't known he had an aneurysm. She presented Eli with his father's ashes, in the same coffee can he had dreamed about earlier. Eli won the case, and the company was ordered to pay $5.2 million. Eli made an offer to forestall an appeal, and the company caved. Beth asked that Eli also be allowed to keep his job. Taylor apologized for reacting badly at the doctor's office. We next saw Eli talking to his father, the coffee can, up on the mountain as the guides looked on puzzled. He scattered the ashes at the apex of a mountain. [Stalking With the Stars]

Lost (ABC):

Perhaps you've heard of it? After the one-hour Michael Emerson-narrated recap, we opened on the sight of Jack back in "the world" watching a high speed car chase on television. When the chase ended, Hurley emerged from the Camaro, screaming about being one of the "Oceanic Six." He was interrogated about having been seen in a convenience store freaking out suddenly. The detective talking to him said he had known Ana Lucia. Hurley hallucinated that his room was being flooded and seemed happy to be told that he could go to a mental institution.

Now, back on the island where we left off: Jack promised Kate he'd kill Locke if he were to come back. He seemed confident about going home. Ben, in custody, told Rousseau he needed her to take Alex and get as far away as possible, because they were all going to die. Back on the beach, Hurley looked forward to being back home and free. He did a cannonball into the ocean. Desmond returned and frantically told Sawyer and the others on the beach that they needed to not contact the boat after all (per Charlie's last words). He then broke the news about Charlie.

Jack received word from someone named George over the phone that there was a technical concern, and that he needed to put the wounded Naomi on the phone. Jack noticed Naomi was missing and asked Ben where she went. Sayyid and Sawyer disagreed over whether to call Jack or not. Sawyer wanted to warn Jack, but Sayyid threw the walkie-talkie into the ocean. Jack told Rousseau they had to take Ben on a mission to find Naomi. He asked the others (not "The Others") to move to the beach. Jack assured Kate he knew what he was doing, and that Naomi couldn't possibly be trying to throw them off. Back on the beach, Sawyer, Sayyid, Juliet, Bernard and co. grabbed their guns.

Flash forward: Hurley was greeted in the mental institution by an attorney for Oceanic. The company invited him to agree to an "upgrade," as in a better class of hospital. Hurley said he was fine, which the man disagreed with. Hurley now distrusted him, and when the man asked, "Are they still alive?" Hurley freaked out. Back to the island, Sawyer commiserated with Hurley over Charlie. Hurley fell behind the others moving inland and then became completely separated. He came upon Jacob's shack, which was glowing from inside. Rousseau told Jack and Ben that Naomi's trail ended. Ben told Jack that Kate had stolen his phone when she hugged him, and was probably locating Naomi's true trail...which was true. The phone rang, and the man from before was on the line. He seemed suspicious when told that she was looking for Naomi. Kate hung up in panic, and then Naomi dropped out of a tree on her. Naomi answered the phone and she said she had been hurt in an accident. She changed the tracking frequency on the phone according to her instructions from George, and then collapsed and died.

Hurley approached the shack and saw a silhouette in Jacob's chair, and then someone stared out at him. He believed he was hallucinating again. Hurley fell down, and then saw Locke looking down upon him. Locke asked him if he could be sure Charlie meant what Desmond thought he meant. He told Hurley that they needed to talk to Jack to make sure Charlie didn't die in vain. Hurley and Locke came upon the group from the beach. Locke told them he wanted to do the same thing as them: warn Jack about the people on the boat. The beach group met up with the group Jack had sent to wait for the boat. Claire looked for Charlie in vain, and Hurley told her what had happened.

Flash forward: Hurley was told that someone was staring at him: it was Charlie, but looking different. It was Charlie that Hurley had seen in the convenience store. Charlie admitted that he was dead, but he was also there with him. Charlie told Hurley he didn't tell him he would die at the Looking Glass to spare everyone the drama. Charlie told Hurley, "You know they need you!" and he vanished.

Rousseau, Ben, and Jack came upon the group, and Jack slugged and pulled a gun on him. Jack pulled the trigger, but the gun was unloaded. Sayyid and Sawyer wrestled Jack away. Locke defended himself by saying he had always acted in everyone's best interest. Kate now entered the scene and said Naomi was dead. Locke said Naomi had wanted her people to come here, and he was retreating to the Others' barracks for security's sake. Jack said no one would follow him. Hurley reminded them about Charlie, who had sacrificed himself so they could be rescued. What happened to make him change his mind? Hurley said he was listening to Charlie, not Jack. Ben asked for permission to go with Locke, which Jack agreed to. Sawyer moved over to Locke's side, which Kate couldn't believe. The groups were now separate again as Locke and company retreated.

Flash forward: Jack visited Hurley at the hospital. He said he was still signing some autographs, and was considering growing a beard. Hurley wanted to know why he was there, and assumed it was to see "if I was gonna tell." As Jack prepared to leave, Hurley said he was sorry he went with Locke. Hurley said he thought "it wants us to come back," but Jack angrily refused. Hurley said, "Never say never." Back on the island, Jack and Kate sat in the rain and heard a helicopter. People were parachuting onto the island. A man asked Jack if he was Jack. Which he was. [Straw Grasping)

Smallville (CW):

Lana and the Bizarro Clark woke up in bed together.She dreamed about being flown to Paris with him. Grant Gabriel told Lionel he is Julian, the product of Lex cloning his dead brother. Lionel said he wanted to get to know him. More dead bodies were turning up in the slums; Bizarro wondered if Brainiac was taking the trace metals from the bodies. He visited Brainiac, who recognized Bizarro was not Kal-El and called him Phantom. Bizarro told Brainiac that Clark was out of the picture, and mentioned that sunlight was toxic to him. He asked for Brainiac's help; he was steered in the direction of a Kryptonian scientist named Dax-Ur. Bizarro asked Chloe to help him track the scientist down. She was suspicious about why he needed a shield from Dax-Ur, since he was already supposed to have one and she knew Clark never forgot anything. < ./p>

Lionel confronted Lex over the cloning, calling it depraved. Chloe paid a visit to Lana and asked her if she thought Clark seemed off. Lana's only response was that Clark had new priorities (like her), and that Chloe needed to let go. Bizarro dropped in and told Chloe that he and Lana would be leaving Smallville. Lana told Bizarro why Chloe had come by. Lana wondered if the shield was up at the Fortress. Bizarro headed up there but was ordered away by Jor-El, who then freed Clark from his ice prison, saying "the last phantom" had shown up. Real Clark told Lana that he had been gone for weeks -- -the guy she thought was him was the phantom, who looked just like him. Lana asked Clark to remember what he had told her in bed, and he told her she had slept with a bad guy.

Bizarro told Brainiac that Clark was back and needed to die. He told Bizarro he needed to look for Dax-Ur instead, and that he would take care of Clark and leave Lana for Bizarro. Clark visited Lionel to say that the phantom had been posing as him. Luthor said that he needed to expose the phantom to blue kryptonite, which would be so powerful his body would crack from the strain. Luthor told Clark he needed to look for Dax-Ur, and use the shield as a beacon. After Clark left, Lionel was revealed to have been Brainiac. Clark told Chloe that he's the real Clark, but when he asked her for help locating the shield, she was suspicious all over again. He stepped into direct sunlight to prove it was him. Chloe showed Clark the shield she had taken from the farm; she warned him that Dax-Ur might not want to be found.

Clark was zapped to a garage where Dax-Ur was revealed to be an old mechanic. Dax-Ur showed Clark his blue kryptonite bracelet. He said he felt guilt over the construction of Brainiac and left Krypton to clear his conscience. He chose to give up his powers on earth. Bizarro came to get Lana, but she realized who he was and tried to text Clark for help. Bizarro heard her dialing and told her he had fallen for her for real. Armed with the blue kryptonite, Clark showed up and fought with Bizarro. Lana picked up the kryptonite and both Clarks urged her to destroy the other. She pretended to choose Bizarro and his hot sex over Clark, but then gave him the toxic substance, which made him shatter into bits.

Brainiac visited Dax-Ur and told him he was being visited by his creation. He asked Dax-Ur for information on how to repair him, and since Dax-Ur wouldn't tell him, he killed him to extract the brain info. Lex fired Julian as editor of The Daily Planet as punishment for approaching Lionel. Lex warned him about trusting Lionel and told him he had arranged a safe job out of town, but Julian went to dinner with "Dad" anyway. As the men left the restaurant, a man mugged them and shot Julian dead. Later, Lex got a text saying the job was done. Ouch. [Critics Rant]

Celebrity Apprentice (NBC):

Don't ever say Donald Trump doesn't have an ego: he responded to the premiere of Lost by expanding his show to two hours. And it was, quite frankly, the most scripted two hours in reality history, which is saying a lot. The two new project managers were Carol Alt and Piers Morgan; Tito Ortiz was away fighting, making it five men to four women. The teams had to run an awareness campaign for a program whereby people brought in old Crocs and had them refurbished for people in need. The teams had to create a receptacle to collect the shoes, and make a pitch to the Crocs folks.

Piers again wanted to focus on Lennox Lewis as a key to his campaign. Trace Adkins came up with a slogan, "Wear Them, Share Them," that everyone loved. The women were next door and everyone was conscious of being overheard. Piers asked Vincent to leave the room and go into the hall, to give him a pretext to hang out and spy on the women. They manufactured a screaming fight; Vincent told the women he wanted to work for them for the week. The women discussed whether it was a ruse; Omarosa was sure that it wasn't. The men "argued" some more and Vincent left. Piers believed Donald Trump would look down on the women scrambling for help.

Vincent suggested Carol step up in a celebrity role, which she had yet to do. Marilu came up with a slogan of "Share the Love," and Omarosa wanted a bin shaped like a Croc. Omarosa now believed Carol was smart after all. Vincent had another idea: show Carol giving away her shoes, something you wouldn't expect a model to do. Vincent said he was actually enjoying contributing now. Vincent tossed the paper with Empresario's ideas over to Stephen Baldwin, who suddenly announced it was against his moral beliefs to use stolen information. Vincent now realized he hated Piers and wanted him to lose, so he admitted to Marilu Henner that he had started out as a rat but was now defecting for real (Godfather-style music played throughout, making this even more ridiculous).

Ivanka dropped by and Piers told her about his idea with Vincent. Ivanka actually thought it was funny and did not object; she thought Empresario looked weak by accepting Vincent. Trump Jr. wondered what Vincent was doing with Marilu, and wondered if Vincent was spying. Vincent said it had started out that way, but now he wanted Piers to lose. Piers and Stephen went next door and taunted them about their slogan, which made Carol and Nely suspect Vincent had been a spy. Piers said looking at Nely's face was one of the highlights of his life. Nely and Carol called over to Marilu and told her that they believed Vincent was a rat, but Vincent wanted to keep his real motives under wrap. Omarosa found out what was going on, and she called over to Vincent, and he also told her to just trust him. He said that he had admitted he told Marilu that, and Omarosa told him he was fired from their side now. Marilu said she had not known Vincent had given up the slogan, and now she was also disappointed.

Vincent came back over to the men's side and said he had been fired; he demanded to know from Piers why he had given him up. Vincent said in the real world, he'd be dead right now! Empresario got a look at its giant Croc prop, something the men couldn't match. On the Hydra side, Vincent complained about having been sent over to spy, and then told Piers he had come up with the entire Empresario concept, and he hoped Piers got fired. Piers said he wasn't worried now, because any team using Vincent was a sure loser. He threw Vincent out of the room, and was literally teamless. Empresario made its presentation, and threw in a free t-shirt as part of the appeal. The Croc execs seemed happy. The Hydra presentation was professional and everyone liked the slogan, but it was obvious their bin didn't have the same appeal of the giant Croc. The execs said the Hydra campaign was not as comprehensive, but the Empresario bin might be too expensive.

In the boardroom, Vincent told Trump what happened, and Piers said he had thrown Vincent out of the room this morning. The entire episode was rehashed again. Piers said he had been engaged in sabotage, not espionage. He then accused Empresario of trying to spy on them, which they denied. Ivanka said that sending a disliked person in to conduct the sabotage was a risk, but Piers said losing Vincent was addition by subtraction. Donald Jr. asked Stephen who he would rather work with in the future, Piers or Vincent. Stephen and Trace said they would keep Vincent, but Lennox stuck with Piers, who was now claiming he had set Vincent up deliberately.

Finally, Trump announced the winner. He said Hydra had done well, but was overusing Lennox. He named Empresario as the winners. Ten-thousand pairs of Crocs were donated to the poor, and Carol won $20,000 for her charity. Vincent seemed upset that the women seemed reluctant to acknowledge his contribution, and decided to resign from the show. He kicked the women out so he could talk things over with the guys alone. Vincent said he wasn't about the fighting, but Trump said he fought every day. Vincent then said he would stay if Piers was fired, which thrilled the women watching on remote. Vincent's failure to fight was still bothering Trump. Stephen asked Trump if he would really do anything to win, and Trump took the Fifth. Eventually, Vincent did choose to resign, and left to the strains of "Don't Stop Believin.'" [Musings From a Nobody]

In Treatment (HBO):

A man was on the phone in Paul's office, apparently talking to his son. He then called a woman, presumably his wife, wondering where she was. The man was named Jake (Josh Charles), and his missing wife was Amy. Jake complained about Amy's office, and couldn't even get out what Amy did for a living. Paul said he sensed Jake didn't enjoy being there without her; Jake denied it while placing his fourth phone call in four minutes. Amy's mother called and Jake quickly became irritated by her anxiety. Paul explained the stages of anxiety to Jake in an attempt to subtly let him know he was being ridiculous.

Jake made a move toward leaving, but then as the phone rang again Amy (Embeth Davidtz) showed up. Jake noted Amy was wearing something different in the morning, and didn't buy her explanation as to why she had changed and why she was late. Paul asked Amy if she was habitually late, noting she had yet to be on time for a session. He asked Amy if Jake was always suspicious of her. Jake then kept up the interrogation of Amy. Jake said Amy was making plans for an abortion behind his back, and while Amy denied it she did say she had seen her fertility doctor, who had told her it was too early to make a determination. Paul suggested that Jake's suspicion might be the reason Amy was reluctant to tell him the truth. He told Amy that Jake's extreme reaction might be his way of showing love, which Amy doubted.

Amy admitted she wasn't sure she wanted another baby. Jake suggested it had to be a joint decision. Amy said she feared postpartum depression, and being able to properly care for a new baby. Jake told Amy she was deranged, but Amy said she insisted on making her own decisions. Paul told Jake that Amy had to exaggerate her fears so that he would listen to her. Jake said it was abnormal to go through fertility treatments and then give up only after becoming pregnant. Amy said she was tired of the five year of fertility treatments, and that the men in the room didn't get her. Jake mentioned that Amy had cheated on her first husband with him. Paul said the issue here was that neither could accept the other for who they were. Jake didn't agree with this and couldn't understand why the discussion kept moving away from the abortion.

Pressed for an answer by Jake, Paul said he thought Amy should have the abortion. He then said Jake had a way of pushing people into a corner so that they would say what he didn't want to hear. Paul said he couldn't present an opinion on the personal decision of abortion; he could only help them confront their feelings so as to make a correct decision possible. Jake stormed out of the office. Amy sat there quietly for a few minutes before leaving herself. Paul opened his Rolodex and left a phone message with a Dr. Gina Toll (wonderful name, that). [Sports, Love, and Life]

Celebrity Rehab (VH1):

Dr. Drew was trying to talk Jeff Conaway into sticking with the program. Jeff thought it was fascist that he couldn't have his phone. Drew believed his tantrums were all about his desire for drugs.The others gathered around and tried to talk Jeff into staying also. Drew asked Jeff to at least sleep on it, and he agreed. Wake-up was late the next day after the previous night's drama. Daniel Baldwin seemed to be more negative about treatment now.

Drew believed the issues behind what led to drug use would start coming out after a week. Jeff said all his previous failures at rehab made him more reluctant to try again. He admitted he was unsure if he wanted to live, but said he felt love from the group. He told a story about having been tortured in the past. A special group was called to deal with Daniel's nervousness about having the cameras around. Mary Carey said she had done plenty on camera in her life, so this was nothing. Daniel said there should be a little bit of a dark period with no cameras. Drew wanted everyone to stay focused on their big issues, but Drew was concerned that Baldwin wanted to get away from treatment entirely. He told Drew he wanted to do an intervention for an hour the next day, and then come right back. Drew believed these were all excuses, and everyone in rehab had heard several different reasons already why Daniel "needed" to leave. Drew and Daniel had another meeting about the cameras.

Chyna asked Drew for permission to attend a function the following night at the Playboy mansion, but he was wary. Drew brought it up before the group. Brigitte Nielsen said what Drew had said, which is that she would be likely to use in a party atmosphere. Chyna said her week there had led her away from thinking she was an addict. Shelly went around collecting phones, but it turned out both Mary and Daniel had extra phones that were unaccounted for. Drew wanted to get into Chyna's issues some more; he asked her why she had grown up alone. Her mom was abusive and she never knew her father. Chyna had been locked in the basement a lot, and tried to use her creativity to keep going. As part of his personalized treatment, Jeff was being provided with a yoga instructor to help him deal with his extreme back pain. The goal was to get him out of his wheelchair and moving.

Drew allowed the gang to invite family and friends for a barbecue after the first week. Jeff perked up upon seeing one of Mary's friends. Seth Binzer instigated the entry of girls with wet t-shirts into the pool. Daniel looked on uneasily, and later called his wife to say what was going on. He told her he was going to call tomorrow and ask to leave. Later, Daniel called his manager and said he was going to have his sponsor check him out. Drew called a meeting and said he was pleased with the response so far, and the benefits all had received. Then Daniel took over the meeting, complaining about the outsiders roaming around with wet t-shirts and the reaction it had provoked in his wife. Drew said he should be careful talking about the friends of others in the group. Daniel said he didn't want to pass judgment on anyone else, but the group was now hurting his chances of staying sober.

Jeff told him he was making a mistake, and asked if there was anything they could do to change his mind. Daniel said he came on to try to help others, and apologized to Jessica Sierra for walking out on her. Everyone said their goodbyes, and he told Jessica he was sure he could do this. He told her that most here would not stay sober, but this was a chance to reinvent. After he left, Mary told Seth that Daniel has been texting pictures of himself to her, and was perhaps worried about his wife finding out. [Adventures of an Urban Reading Teacher]

Make Me a Supermodel (Bravo):

Man is this show racy. Aryn, Holly, and Jay headed off to get the results of last week's vote. Ben and Ronnie were hopeful Aryn could stick around. Tyson Beckford gave Aryn the bad news and she broke down crying. She said she didn't know what she would do now. Jennifer Starr said Jay probably deserved the boot more. Consensus in the house was that everyone wanted Holly out, in part because she was considered the tougher competition. Still, everyone sucked it up when they saw Holly come back instead. Ben took out his frustrations over Aryn leaving by slamming Holly.

The models came to Parsons where nude modeling was taking place before art students in a class. We knew this was coming: the nudity challenge! Tyson asked them to be mature and try to concentrate. Katy was first and seemed to hold up well. Katie wondered if Holly could do it, considering not even her fiancé had ever seen her naked, but she overcame her nerves. Jay had difficulty keeping his pose. Casey was also very edgy. Jacki visibly blushed throughout. Stephanie and Perry were deemed the best in the bunch; Jay and Casey were judged to be the weakest. Ben told Ronnie his wife had lost 15 pounds in two weeks due to (totally predictable) stress.

Using your body as art was what the photo assignment was about this week. The women and men would work together. The men got to choose one woman to work with them, and chose Shannon. The women chose Perry to work with them. Photographer Russ Flatt said he would not hesitate to kick anyone who wasn't cutting it out of the shot. Shannon knew something was wrong from looking at Flatt's expression, and after several photos were taken Flatt decided to remove Casey and Jay from the final product. The women's turn was next. Flatt said he noticed Katy's attention wandering between the shots, but in the end he decided not to toss any of the women.

The next day's assignment was to become a living art installation. The artist asked for a leading lady and everyone tried on shoes to see how useful they were. Stephanie got the job. The models were painted in black and had to hold their poses a very long time. The artist said Katy and Ben were relatively weak. Back home, the group did some play-acting, and the men later had some bonding (where's all the fighting?). For the catwalk, the models got all avant-garde and posed as human sculptures. Katy was told she had been cited for being distracted. Ben was told his catwalk work had improved. Casey admitted he fell apart a bit after being asked to leave the photo shoot. Holly was told she had made a big comeback.

The judges agreed Stephanie had dominated the week. They said Ben was beginning to get it, and Tyson said Perry was "an amazing looking guy." Jay kept getting knocked for his photos. Shannon, Cory Bautista said, could be working in Paris right now. Stephanie was the winner of the week. Katy, Jay, and Casey were put before America for elimination. That's the third time for Katy in four weeks, which can safely be termed sending a message. [Image and Word]

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