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Five (2007)

Director: Amit Tripuraneni

Writers: D.F. Mamea (story and screenplay), Anita Crisinel (screenplay)

Starring: Richard Thompson, Anita Crisinel, Marjan Gorgani, Andy Sophocleous, Amit Tripuraneni, Tahi Mapp-Borren

Studio: Unkreative Artists

Genre: Horror/Thriller


It's morning as five people- former flatmates and old friends - wake up in a remote tramping hut. Some of them are feeling the effects of the walk to the hut while others are feeling the effects of previous night's party. This weekend is a celebration of their friendship - it will be the last time they will go out on their annual 'tradition' of an adventure trip. Their lives await them on their return to civilization.

Belinda is still struggling with the recent suicide of her sister, Emily. Consoling her is her fiance, Rajit - the butt of old flat jokes, and eager to move on. The feisty yet insecure Zara, who has accepted a job overseas but has some unfinished business with one of her friends. Chris, the slacker - a lawyer, of all things, for whom this trip holds a cruel finality. And Henry - 'old mother Hen' - who is still young at heart and a ladies man to the core, tries to come to

terms with girlfriend Emily's death.

Old behaviours and dynamics - and rivalries - surface. Emily's death has unexpectedly drawn Belinda and Henry together - a development neither Zara nor Rajit can handle. Zara has carried a torch for Henry for too long - a torch she wants to enflame before the weekend is out - while Rajit, already threatened by Belinda and Henry's 'history', struggles with his jealousy. And Chris, fighting demons of his own, begins to remember little things about Emily's final hours...

Sometimes your friends aren't the people you think they are.

Sometimes, it can be hard to say goodbye.

Production Notes

Five was shot in November 2006 on location in the Waitakeres. The principal photography lasted 8 days and it took another 2 days for pickups. The biggest challenge of the production was that the location was inaccessible by road and we had to tramp (hike) in for an hour with all our equipment, food, water and bedding before we got to the hut, which we used as a location and that also doubled up as our accomodation.

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