Bailey's Anatomy

Derek, finally tired of living in an Airstream trailer, made plans to build a house with a fabulous view of Puget Sound. I don't know where exactly his land is supposed to be, but there's no way there's that much undeveloped real estate within the commuting distance of downtown Seattle that I would expect a surgeon to need. (Don't they have to be able to get to the hospital fast?)

He broke the news to Meredith while she was cooking rancid eggs for the entire cast, all of whom seem to be sleeping at her house. Lexie is now sharing a room (totally platonically) with George. Bailey and Tucker are still fighting, but Callie and Hahn seem to be developing a friendship. Giggling at Sloan (in a "you're ridiculous" not a "you're dreamy" kind of way) seems to be a bonding experience for them.

Callie and George haven't told his mom about the divorce yet. In fact, they haven't even told her they're not trying to get pregnant, and the woman has wasted a lot of knitting hours. Izzie bumped into Mrs. O'Malley, and a misunderstanding led her to accidentally break the news of the affair, the divorce, and George failing the intern test. George's mom wants him and Callie to go into counseling.

Cristina's missing patient turned out to have snuck out of her bed; claiming to be a "healer," she stabilized a coding patient, but then she collapsed and refused treatment for herself. (Or rather, she wanted to be talked through the surgery so she could visualize the process and heal herself.) While Alex looked after her, she diagnosed a very serious blockage in his throat chakra due to past trauma. To each her own, but this chakra stuff has always sounded like utter bull to me; nevertheless, I'm guessing this is the writers' way of telling us we haven't heard the last about Alex's nasty childhood.

Tucker, who had been repeatedly calling Bailey, arrived at the emergency room with baby Tuck, who had a bookshelf fall on him. Bailey alternated between trying to treat the baby and interrogating Tucker about what happened. Webber diagnosed possible internal injuries, and assigned Meredith to keep an eye on Bailey. The kid had massive internal injuries, including his stomach being so displaced that they couldn't see his heart in the X-rays, and "fecal matter floating around." Even with my limited medical expertise, I know that's never a good thing. Bailey insisted on being in the operating room, and it was Cristina (who had recently been arguing against getting too emotionally involved with patients) who got her to leave by offering to hold Tuck's hand. The accident occurred because the baby gate into the office was left open. Miranda thought she did it and had a breakdown. Yeah, I totally can't have kids -- I can't even handle it when I accidentally shut my cat in the closet.

The surgery was largely successful, but Tuck wasn't completely out of the woods. To the strains of Patty Griffin, (who totally rules and you should buy all of her CDs immediately, by the way) Bailey and Tucker kept vigil at the ICU crib, Izzie and Alex had a heart to heart about Cristina (Izzie envies her confidence), and Bailey considered the healing lady and the issue of faith, and eventually asked her to help Tuck. The baby eventually choked on the ventilator, which meant he was ready to breathe on his own, and it looks like he is going to be okay.

Meredith, having found out about Derek and Rose's kiss (George overheard them talking and spilled the beans), confronted Derek the kiss, trust, what each of them want, etc., and they had a big fight and parted ways again. You know, like they do in almost every episode. Later on, Derek asked Rose to dinner.

Alex brought in Izzie to help healer-lady get talked through her surgery. She has the same qualifications he does, but he thought it would work because she's an optimist.

George proposed to Lexie that they find an apartment together and be roommates.

This was our first episode narrated by Bailey, a considerably less whiney presence than Meredith. We've never seen much introspection from her before, either; she's normally all sass, so this was a nice change.

* * *

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