Big Batch O' Super Hot Daily Links: Jan. 9th

If someone rigs his pants for heat... well, we're going to bring you that information.

An interesting look at great actors who've been in terrible movies. However, I take umbrage with their ding on Connery in Red October. That movie was dope.

Speaking of, the always solid slugs away at the worst Bond puns of all time.

It's hard not to like Kat Heigl in this interview. Burns too I suppose.

Here are ten alternate ideas for the Oscars, just in case. We tackled our ideal Globes yesterday.

Now they are using the hit TV show Chuck to try and save The Apprentice? For shame!

Canceling award shows is one thing, but is my precious Comic-Con actually going to get the shaft too? Ugh. End this thing.

If you want to ask Sly Stallone a question you can handle that right about here.

As it turns out Paramount is sticking with HD DVD. Looks like reports of HD's demise were premature.

Guillermo del Toro wants to helm Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Me too!

I love when sites call something "exclusive" that pretty much no one else wants. Classic.

This, on the other hand, is worth some love. When I say "Iron" you say "Man."

Rumor on the street is that Tommy Lee Jones is a tough interview. But this Dave Karger fellow did okay with him.

40 minutes of Tim Burton. For free!

Comcast launches a site - yet another shot across the bow of physical media.

Scar-Jo did The Other Boleyn Girl. Now she's doing Mary Queen of Scots. I guess the good news is that neither of them have Woody Allen involved.

Don't worry, The Oscars will go on. No Seriously. (Note: I'm not sure I fully believe that.)

It's Step Up 2: The Streets photo time!

More happy news: Warner Bros is gearing up to fire some folk over this strike dealie.

Wanna download some scripts? Here are a few .PDFs for Fox Searchlight's films.

All you Steven Spielberg fans will have to wait until next year for his Cecil B. DeMille award presentation.

People didn't watch the People's Choice Awards. But we did, and we made fun of them too!

A poor review of a Tom Cruise bio. The man is a mystery, wrapped inside a riddle, dating a girl named Pandora.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are set to marry! Take that Spider-Man!

That's all for now. May this links column find you, and find you well.


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