The Wire: Seasons 1-4

Editor's Note: Drake Lelane just completed a four-season, marathon-viewing session of The Wire, aiming to catch up in time for the fifth and final season, debuting Sunday, Jan. 6 on HBO. Take advantage of Drake's viewing devotion (and sleepless nights) and delve into his keen observation on the characters, the interwined plot lines, the socio-economic themes that tell the story of a city in decay, and the musical backdrop that connects all the seasons.

Season 1

As someone who professes to watch a lot of great television, the skeleton in my closet is that I'm not up on The Wire. The countdown to the fifth and final season has begun (the premiere is on January 6,) and the one silver lining in the writers' strike is that I now have time -- albeit only 18 days -- to play catch up and get "in the game... CONTINUE READING

Season 2

The Wire's second season makes a point right off to let you know that the same story will not be told, as the setting moves from the dealers on the street to the longshoremen on the docks. David Simon has said part of this reason for this shift is they "were very conscious of the fact that some white viewers may have felt a little bit smug... CONTINUE READING

Season 3

I'm cutting it close on all this catching up, having to sprint to the finish, but the third season of HBO's The Wire has made this endeavor even more worth while. Written with a theme of 'reform,' the season also served as a metaphor for the war in Iraq, further comparing the war on drugs with the war on terror. Since the start of the war on drugs campaign, police have become more like occupiers of a foreign country than members of the community. The season opens appropriately enough with the tow... CONTINUE READING

Season 4

a href="">These past few days felt like I was back in school cramming for a test, having to drop 13 hours in just a couple of days. Fitting, though, in that the fourth season of The Wire is all about education. The schools, the corners, the mayor's office -- hell, even Home Depot educates our fave chick hitter Snoop. The real stars of this fourth season are the eighth graders from Tilghman Middle School, as we get a look at how the No Child Left Behind... CONTINUE READING