New Show Preview: Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann

Hey all of you Dancing With The Stars fans! Surely you've heard the news and know that Carrie Ann Inaba and Brunio Tonioli will be gracing us with their presence on the small screen once again very soon. This Monday, January 7, Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann premieres on ABC at 8:00 PM (ET/PT).

Dance War will be a six-episode series pitting two troupes of amateur dancers/singers against each other with us, the viewing audience, voting for the best team each week. Will Team Carrie Ann beat down Team Bruno or will they run crying from the stage? Hosted by Drew Lachey (yay!), the premiere two-hour episode on January 7 will consist of the now standard audition show that will whittle the field into two teams of six performers. Then on Monday, January 14, the show goes live and voting will begin.

Besides the audition premiere, the remaining five 90-minute-long episodes will have both Team Carrie Ann and Team Bruno performing a variety of numbers for us from which we'll pick our favorite team. (I have no idea if there will be just one performance or multiple performances from each team on each show but I'd imagine just one.) Each week, the team captain of the "losing" team (Carrie Ann or Bruno) will have to pick one of its own members to kick out. The finale will present us with one super troupe of performers who will be given the given opportunity to go on tour with a major performing artist as their opening act.

I think this show has the possibility of becoming a sleeper hit because of the huge numbers of Dancing With The Stars fans out there (including myself). It will definitely be nice to actually see Carrie Ann and Bruno doing some dancing instead of just yapping their jaws as judges. I mean, I've been told they're choreographers but I've never seen them really do anything!

I also like that we'll be voting for our favorite team and not our favorite performer. Leaving the tough decision up to Carrie Ann or Bruno will be interesting to watch!

Go check out the official Dance War site for some short clips about the show and, if you're a MySpace user, go check out the show's MySpace page.

I do wonder one thing about the show though, will there be any lift controversies?


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