Britney Spent NYE With Her Kids and That Paparazzi Dude

Britney reportedly spent NYE with her two sons -- and their court-appointed monitor -- at a private beach-front residence near Dana Point in the OC, according to OK! magazine. Sources say she had a quiet night, and, if she passed out, at least she didn't do it in public, like last NYE.

Can you imagine being that court-appointed monitor? Your friends are all like, "Dude, we're so freaking hungover today. We can't even get out of bed. Josh just puked into his hat. Shit, man. So, what'd you do last night?" and then you're all like, "Um, I stayed sober and made sure Britney Spears didn't kill her young children," and then they're all like, "Oh, great. So could you come over and bring us McDonalds and Tylenol?"

Also there: Adnan Ghalib, the paparazzo Britney's been banging lately, who's clearly becoming more than a boy toy. This Britney-dates-a-pap story is so weird. I can't even really handle it. Like, if she started dating Sean Connery, I could handle it. If she started dating Lindsay Lohan's little brother, I still think I could handle it. But someone from the paparazzi? It makes my little evil head explode.

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