What2Watch Monday: Gladiators and Aspiring Dancers Battle For Reality Ratings

8pm on ABC: Drew Lachey hosts, Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. In this Dancing With the Stars spin-off Bruno and Carrie Ann judge aspiring singers and dancers, with the goal of creating a performance group. Think of it as American Idol with leg warmers.

8pm on NBC: What do you get when a karate instructor, a female life coach, an engineer and a radiation-control technician do battle in a cage? American Gladiators of course!

10pm on NBC: A season premiere! Angelica Huston joins the cast of Medium as season four gets underway. I've never watched Medium so I predict if I tried to make some joke or play on words here it would fail miserably.

10pm on Travel: Tony is back for a fourth season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. On the menu tonight: a culinary tour of Singapore.

Also Worth Watching:

Season premiere: Antiques Roadshow, 8pm on PBS

New: Deal or No Deal, 9pm on NBC

New: October Road, 10pm on ABC