Hey! New Episodes of Scripted Shows Next Week!

It’s been about a month since we’ve had to pay much attention to new episodes of our favorite TV shows, but now some new episodes are back. Here’s a little heads-up about what will be new next week:

Friday Night Lights NBC, Tonight (Friday) at 9

Apparently tornadoes are the “it” plot device this year. Oh great, we finally wrapped up the dead stalker plot just in time for another melodramatic cliche. Speaking of disaster areas, Riggins moves in with the Taylors.

Desperate Housewives ABC, Sunday at 9 (ET)

Are all the Scavos smushed? Those kids are annoying, but that seems kind of extreme. Will anyone comment on the irony of Victor being impaled by a white picket fence? Does Nathan Fillion still have a job after his character’s infidelity was revealed? (I hope so. He seems like a nice guy and deserves a break since his shows keep getting canceled. Plus he’s hot.)

Medium NBC, Monday at 10 (ET)

I watch this show sometimes even though I think it’s a little dorky. Hey, look! Anjelica Huston!

One Tree Hill CW, Tuesday at 8 (ET)

It’s your favorite show about high school students who look and act like (and are played by) people in their mid-twenties! Find out what’s in the cards for those kooky Ravens post-graduation.

Criminal Minds and CSI: NY CBS, Wednesday at 9 and 10 (ET)

Oh, you know, just your usual standard crime procedural goings-on. But hey, at least it is something new to watch, right?

Grey’s Anatomy ABC, Thursday at 9 (ET)

As if it weren’t enough that Bailey’s marriage is in trouble, her kid is sick, too. Hahn performs surgery on him, and of course Bailey can tooootally handle not being in control.

Another new Friday Night Lights NBC, Friday (the 11th) at 9

Smash is pressured to pick a college and there might be some chemistry between Julie and Tim.

So there you have it. Something new (and non-reality) almost every night for a week!

* * *

Amy Kane spends as much quality time with her television as possible, when she's not busy at her day job as a cube dweller.