The Biggest Loser: Ten Teams Of Two

Guess what? The Biggest Loser: Couples edition started up this week and I think I'm going to like this one even more than the regular TBL Why is that? Well, except for one team, the couples have known each other many, many years and that will provide for more personal drama in the show. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more drama on this show!

In this premiere episode, we met each of the teams and learned the relationship they had with each other. The teams are: Bette-Sue & Ali (mother/daughter), Curtis & Mallory (married couple), Maggie & Jen (friends and fat camp counselors), Neill & Amanda (newlyweds), Paul & Kelly (divorced couple), Lynn & Jenni (father/daughter), Jackie & Dan (mother/son), Jay & Mark (brothers), Roger & Trent (former football teammates), and finally Brittany & Bernie (strangers to each other and picked from The Biggest Loser Club online).

After the introductions, they had their first challenge of the season and it's one we've come to know and love. The pairs had to race up a hill, touch their team flag, and race back down. The twist this time was that they could pick their own trainer -- either Bob or Jillian (no Kim this season). The problem was that each trainer would only train five teams; so if a team wanted a specific trainer, they'd better hurry their butts up that hill and get back down before that trainer's five slots had already been filled.

The brothers (Jay & Mark) were the first up the hill and the first down the hill with Bernie & Brittany (strangers) close behind the whole time. The brothers chose Jillian as their trainer while Bernie & Brittany chose Bob. Roger & Trent finished third and chose Jillian; Curtis & Mallory chose Jillian; and Jackie & Dan chose Bob. The newlyweds finished sixth and chose Jillian while Maggie & Jen finished seventh and chose Jillian also. That's it for Jillian. Everybody else would be getting Bob. Paul & Kelly finished in eighth; Lynn & Jennifer finished in ninth; and Bette-Sue and Ali finished in last place. Bette-Sue was frustrated and embarrassed by coming in last and felt like she let her daughter down. They'd also wanted Jillian as their trainer and were frustrated at that also.

Back inside and still on the campus for this season, it was time for Bob and Jillian to assign each of their teams a color. Bob chose his signature blue for Bernie & Brittany while Jill chose her fierce black for the brothers, Jay & Mark. After that, it was time for everybody's first weigh-in.

This season, instead of having the single scale in front of everybody, there will be a pair of scales. The combined weight loss percentage from each team (not each person) will determine who will be slipping below the yellow line and be in danger of going home. Maggie (239) & Jenn (254) weighed a combined 493 pounds; Jay (293) & Mark (285) combined for 578 pounds; Curtis (381) and Mallory (217) weighed 598 pounds; Bette-Sue (261) & Ali (234) weighed 495 pounds; Jackie (246) & Dan (310) weighed 556 pounds; Lynn (409) & Jenni (267) weighed 676 pounds; Neill (317) & Amanda (204) weighed 521 pounds; Paul (303) & Kelly (271) weighed 574 pounds; and Roger (363) & Trent (436) weighed a whopping combined 799 pounds. Trent now holds the record for being equal to the heaviest contestant to have ever been on the show.

At their first workout sessions, the contestants realized true physical pain. Neill kept giving up and quitting which frustrated Jillian while Bob was dealing with Paul's falling down and Bette-Sue's "mock" complaining the entire time. Jillian told us that she doesn't like the team aspect this season very much because they have their enablers with them (but aren't they there to learn how to stop that Jillian?). After telling us that, she proceeded to install a Brita water filter with Neill (nice and awkward product placement NBC!). Later, the teams all met up at the local hospital morgue where the show's physician told them how much danger they were in due to their poor physical health. High blood pressure, sleep apnea, fatty livers, and fertility problems were the specialty of the day.

It was now time for their first "real" challenge. Each team would have to drag a hot air balloon (in their team's color) one lap around a course. The first team to cross the finish line would get to add an additional two pounds to their team's combined weight loss at the next weigh-in. Not all of the news was so great though: Alison told the teams that if they were the last team to cross the finish line they would have two pounds subtracted from their team's combined weight loss at the weigh-in. Bette-Sue didn't like hearing about that very much!

As it was in the hill challenge, the brothers in black led the way around the course and finished in first. The brown team (Curtis & Mallory) had held down second place most of the lap but towards the end, Bernie & Brittany (blue) began running and passed them up to finish in second place. Maggie & Jenn (purple) were the last team to finish and would have to deal with consequences of having two pounds deducted from their combined weight loss. Both of them were embarrassed at how poorly they did while being some of the youngest contestants on the show.

During workouts later on, Jenni & her dad Lynn wound up getting into it. Jenni was on the treadmill working out and feeling frustrated that her dad wasn't there working out with her and everybody else. The show kept shooting to him sitting and reading, which was funny, but sad. Jenni finally stewed long enough and left to go try and convince him to just work out for thirty minutes. He was having none of it though. He complained about having blisters on his feet, how his sixty-year-old body couldn't handle it, how he's tired, etc. She went back to the gym in tears while he went to bed.

To Lynn's credit (I guess), he did wake up early the next morning and went and worked out. Bernie returned from the hospital in time for the teams' last chance workouts. He'd been admitted because he couldn't keep food down and they wanted to run some tests. He just did a light workout on the treadmill while Brittany worried about how serious he really was about being committed to their new team.

It was now time for the team's first weigh-in since beginning their new diet and workout regimens. Before weighing in though, Alison told them that instead of having 24 hours to decide which team to eliminate they would only have one hour to decide. That was a shock to them!

The yellow team (Paul & Kelly) weighed first: He lost 17 lbs and she lost 13 lbs for a combined loss of 30 lbs (5.23%). The black team (Jay & Mark) weighed next: Jay lost 13 lbs and Mark lost 17 lbs for a combined loss of 30 lbs. But, because they were the winners of the balloon challenge, they were able to add another two lbs. Their new weight loss was a combined 32 lbs (5.54%). The brown team (Curtis & Mallory) was the next team up to the scales: He lost 22 lbs and she lost 14 lbs for a combined loss of 36 lbs (6.02%). The gray team (Roger & Trent) was the next to weigh in: Roger lost 20 lbs and Trent lost 29 lbs for a combined loss of 49 lbs (6.13%). The orange team (Jackie & Dan) was the fifth team to weigh in. She lost 15 lbs and he lost 25 lbs for a combined loss of 40 lbs (7.19%).

The green team (Lynn & Jenni) were weighed next: Lynn lost 19 lbs while his daughter only lost 7 lbs for a combined loss of 26 lbs (3.85%). The white team (Neill & Amanda) was next on the scales: He lost 13 lbs and she lost 14 lbs for a combined loss of 27 lbs (5.18%). The purple team (Maggie & Jenn) was the eighth team to weigh in: Maggie lost 10 lbs and Jenn lost 12 lbs for a combined weight loss of 22 lbs. However, they were the last place team in the balloon challenge so had to suffer a two-pound penalty. Their adjusted combined weight loss was 20 lbs (4.06%). The pink team (Bette-Sue & Ali) was the next-to-last team to weigh in: Bette-Sue lost 16 lbs and Ali lost 19 lbs for a combined weight loss of 35 lbs (7.07%). (They were pleasantly surprised at this!) The last team to weigh in was the blue team (Bernie & Brittany): He lost 17 lbs and she lost 10 lbs for a combined loss of 27 lbs (5.36%).

The mother/son team of Jackie & Dan lost the most percentage of weight while the green and purple teams were below the yellow line. It would be either the father/daughter team of Lynn & Jenni or the friends team of Maggie & Jenn leaving that night. Maggie & Jenn begged the other teams to let them stay because they wanted to be there unlike somebody else (referring to Lynn). Jenni pleaded with the others to not punish her just because of how her dad had been behaving. Her dad definitely seemed like an ass too! Later when she was talking to him, she begged him to change his attitude because she really wanted to stay. He then threw the fact that she only lost 7 pounds while he lost 19 pounds up in her face. That ticked me off just watching it.

In the end though, Jenni's pleas weren't enough and they were the team eliminated. Jenni cried and told the others that she hopes her dad continues losing at home. Lynn blankly told everybody that he would keep up the weight loss and would see everybody at the finale. For their home checkups, we found out that six weeks after leaving the campus Jenni has lost an additional 20 lbs. Her father has lost 30 lbs himself (even though he hasn't been exercising the way he should).

Next week, the newlyweds seem to have a hard time while Bob & Jillian join forces to become the ultimate couple. Bob even says they're the dynamic duo. Hmmm, not sure what's up with that but it probably has something to do with some kind of competition where they'll be competing right along with the other teams for reward or punishment.

So what did you think about this first episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples? Do you think you're going to like this season any more than the other seasons? Do you have any favorite couples so far? What about couples you don't particularly care for?


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