The Glorious Return of the Links Column!

I knew about Sylar and Nimoy doing the new Star Trek but now there is word that there's a third Spock? I guess that's more Spock for your buck, eh?

After much consternation it seems as though Brandon Routh will in fact be Superman next time too. The bigger question, to me, is why can't they make a good movie? This fella weighs in mentioning we're not likely to see Supes or JLA anytime soon. On the other hand...

The WGA is cutting all sorts of side deals with folk, this time Tom Cruise was the beneficiary.

The National Society of Film Critics has named There Will Be Blood as the top film of the year. Too late guys, we already named No Country for Old Men as the top dog. Speaking of, here's an interesting discussion (MP3) on No Country for Old Men. I don't know why people are having so many problems with the end, have we become so locked in to formula?

Let's break down the Golden Globes saga (and trust me, saga is the word). The actors won't be there. However, NBC still wants to show something. Updates roll in every few minutes with cancellation, delay, or a scaled back show still a possibility.

They are casting G.I. Joe like it's a real movie. I'm pleased.

Starship Troopers 3? When did they do the second one?

The Wire creator David Simon has given all sorts of interesting interviews lately. I can't promise they are spoiler free so only check these out if you're caught up (and they've all got profanity so jog on if you're not down with that). Try here, here, or here.

Is this the worst contest ever? I say yes.

I love this story on Kimmel and Leno getting together. Enough network partisanship!

The best posters of 2007.

Anyone else out there want to volunteer for a sex scene with Vince Vaughn?

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is, Warner Bros. is going Blu-Ray leaving only Paramount and Universal left on the HD DVD format.

After weeks of speculation, here's the new Bond girl.

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