No, Eva Longoria Won't Be Making a Smooth Transition to the Silver Screen

Editor's Note: Give a hearty welcome to our newest writer, Ms. Michelle Sanders! She joins us from the wonderful Pacific Northwest and she's here to explain exactly what is up with "more hype than talent" Eva Longoria. Without further adieu...

This is one of those situations where, until it was brought to my attention, I just didn't notice that Eva Longoria seems to be flailing in silver screen Hollywood. Don't get me wrong, Eva is one of the most adorable celebs I have ever seen, and I really enjoy watching her. In fact, when I find out she is in a particular film and it's a rent-a-movie kind of night where nothing on the shelves sounds good, she is a determining factor. You know, "Oh look! Eva Longoria is in this one! She's really cute, I'm getting it!" However, it's all too clear to me now, that her movie-making resume is lacking.

Her career stems from the soaps, and she currently stars in what most would deem a glorified soap (Desperate Housewives). In my mind, soap opera equals ridiculous, so I suppose that may have tainted her a bit when it came to her movie-biz crossover. Honestly, however, I don't have any complaints about The Sentinel, a film in which Eva had her first major role. Many people disliked this film, but it made a lot of money and had a strong cast. I'm not sure the special agent role is the strongest fit for Eva, but all in all, I had a good time watching.

What I really hated was her recent cameo in the disappointing Ben Stiller flick Heartbreak Kid. First and foremost, stupid movie title, but more to the point, Eva comes into the film at the very end. She's on screen, playing Ben's latest Latina love interest for nearly 30 seconds. I can't figure out what it was that sold her on taking this particular part. Had it been a great movie, it would have been fun to see her appear at the end. But after drudging through the monotony that was Heartbreak Kid, feeling as if we've wound up exactly where we were when the movie began, and then seeing Eva seemed unbalanced, to say the least.

To be honest, I'm not sure who signs whom up for what. There are agents and there is talent. Talent hires an agent, talents fires their agent and rehires another agent. I'm worried about Eva's agent and the influence this person has on her career. Surely she is not destined to continue playing minor roles solely based on her ethnicity. Even in Harsh Times, the role was beneath her; the part itself seemed worthless to the film as a whole. I understand wanting to film scenes with Christian Bale, but it seems a silly risk to take.

I wish that Eva Longoria Parker would just hold out a bit longer for something more effective. She is beautiful and she just looks like so much fun! Why not a romantic comedy sans Jason Biggs? Or even the "hot girl" role in one those epic movies we all love so much. Either way, it is my humble opinion that so far, she hasn't done herself any favors.

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