The Biggest Loser: Black And Blue

This week's episode of The Biggest Loser surprisingly picks up back at the villa instead of the elimination room. The yellow team of Paul and Kelly were talking about how they had to send pink home when the purple team of Maggie and Jenn entered their room upset. They didn't appreciate Paul and Kelly telling them that they haven't been working hard enough. Paul and Kelly tried to explain they were talking about them concerning being below the yellow line a lot but yellow wasn't having any of it. Forget about alliances because they're going at it alone now.

The next morning, Jill met with the yellow team who were still in their room being depressed over having to vote out the pink team. They told Jill that everybody will be competing as individuals now but yet still as mini-teams. Don't worry, it'll make sense in a moment. Bob goes outside to the others who are gathered around the pool and sees that the pink team is gone. The purple team went off telling Bob what the yellow team said about their not working hard enough but Bob basically told them that they needed to step up and not worry about what people are saying. Booyah!

After Brittany and Jillian did a little bonding over Brittany's food issues, it was time for a challenge. Everybody was gathered in a mall in front of two giant escalators. Ali told them that tonight's challenge was so important that it could make the difference between making it all the way to the end and going home early. As a matter of fact, it was so important that the trainers would be there with them for the challenge. After Bob and Jillian entered, Alison told them that the first person to run up the escalators 10 times would win. There would be only two people competing and the person who wins gets to pick which teams they'll be training with -- black team or blue team. Half of the teams will become the new black team and train with Jillian while the others would be the new team with Bob. Who are the two people competing? Of course, it's Bob and Jillian!

Sadly, it really wasn't much of a challenge. I don't know what was going on with Jillian but she was nowhere even close to winning this one. Bob lapped her quite easily and was the first one to get up the escalator 10 times. She only managed 7 in that amount of time. Because Bob won, he was able to select the three teams he wanted to make up his new blue team. He chose the orange team first (Dan and Jackie) and then the black (Jay and Mark) and finished up with the gray (Roger and Trent). The whole time this was going on, Jillian was literally bawling like a little baby. Perhaps she was PMSing or something. So Jillian was stuck with the blue (Brittany and Bernie), purple (Maggie and Jenn), and yellow (Paul and Kelly) teams. I have a bad feeling about this.

Alison then told everybody that it was time to put the new teams to a test. That meant it was time for another challenge! After the teams got over their shock and disappointment in having to actually do something that evening, Alison told them that each team would get on the escalator and stay on it for as long as they could. The team with the last player on the escalator wins $10,000 to split amongst themselves. Paul and Trent were the first two out of the challenge. Bob and Jillian had told them to get off because of their messed up knees. Everybody else was a-steppin'. Kelly and Jenn from the black team were the first two out after that. Then Jackie and Roger from the blue team were out. It was three against three but then Maggie and Bernie from the black team were eliminated leaving only Brittany for the black team. She fought hard to stay on but after 20 minutes (whew!) she was eliminated. The new blue team won!

Two days later it was time for a temptation challenge. Both of the teams were gathered and told that the average American drinks 577 cans of soda per year which equates to 50 pounds of sugar. To drive home how much sugar that actually was, Alison dumped a big bucket of the sweet granules into a giant bin. Whoa, that is a lot of sugar! Before the teams were 240 cups of different colors of soda. One of the cups has a star on the bottom. Whoever drink the cup with the star on it would get to pick one person from the other team and make their weight not count at the next weigh-in. The blue team talked it over and decided to wait and see if the black team would fall for the temptation. However, the black team didn't succumb. Alison tried to tempt them even more telling them the starred cup wasn't with the orange or grape sodas but neither team fell for it.

After the last chance workouts, it was time for the weigh-in. The competition had started with ten teams in multiple colors but now there were only two teams and two colors. For the first time this season, one person will have to say goodbye to their partner. Each person would be weighing solo this time around and the blue team as the first to go. Jay lost 3 pounds, Mark lost 5 pounds, Trent lost 9 pounds, Roger lost 10 pounds, Jackie lost 8 pounds, and Dan lost 13 pounds. The blue team collectively lost 50 pounds and 3.00% of their body weight.

Jenn began the weigh-in for the black team. She lost 6 pounds, Maggie lost 7 pounds, Bernie lost 5 pounds, Brittany lost 2 pounds, Kelly lost no pounds (!!!), and Paul gained 3 pounds. Kelly was really upset at not losing any weight and everybody was shocked at Paul's weight gain. (Jillian told both of them that they'd be working on their food issues next week.) The black team lost a total of 17 pounds and just 1.22% of their body weight.

Dan from the blue team is the new BL Player of the Week while somebody from the black team would be leaving this week. It wouldn't be Maggie though because she lost the biggest percentage of weight. The black team now had one hour to make their decision. Back at the house, the purple team consoled the yellow team. That was interesting considering how ticked off they were at them at the beginning of the week. Jenn told Brittany she was worried about going home but Brittany told her to just chill. Kelly asked Brittany and Bernie to keep them but if they had to vote one of them out to vote her out over Paul because he needed to be there more than she did.

Who would be left without their companion? At the elimination ceremony, Kelly and Paul both voted for Jenn to go home. Maggie and Jenn both voted for Kelly to go home. It was all tied up and would come down to how Brittany and Bernie voted. Brittany voted for Jenn and then Bernie voted for Jenn. Jen will be leaving this week. She began crying and Maggie told her that she's proud of her. Jenn told everybody to keep on fighting and then left the room. Since leaving the show, Jenn has continued with her weight loss. She now weighs 201 pounds for a total weight loss of 53 pounds.

Next week, what happens at the weigh-in leads to the most shocking elimination yet (more tomfoolery perhaps?). Even more interesting, videos from home reveal true hidden feelings for an ex-husband and wife (will Paul and Kelly get back to together?). I can't wait!

What did you think about this week's episode? Are you like me and think Bob's blue team is going to absolutely steamroll Jillian's team? I just don't want Brittany, Bernie, Paul, or Kelly to go home. They're my favorites!


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