Another Crazy Night for Britney

Late Monday night, LAPD officers reported to Britney's gated community, where photographers had apparently breached security. Brit was outside the gate, barefoot, in a screaming match with Sam Lutfi.

Brit later returned home, where her mother and father both arrived to speak with her. She then left the house in an SUV, headed towards Beverly Hills, with another photographer, believed to be Adnan's pal Filipe Teixeira. (We have those pics here.)

Britney later jumped out of the SUV and into Adnan Ghalib's car. I guess they're back on.

Then, to top things off, Brit and Adnan got a flat tire, so they used the down time to smoke cigarettes in the car.

According to a statement from Adnan's photo agency:

"The truth is that Sam Lutfi started an argument with Britney and the two ended up in a screaming fight. Sam continued to verbally abuse Britney as she sat barefoot on the curb at her Summit home crying holding her dog London. Britney called Adnan for help and he heard the distress in her voice and drove to the Summit immediately. While outside the gates he was denied access as Sam Lutfi had informed the guards that he was not allowed entry. When Adnan then tried to call Britney it seems that Sam had turned all of her cell phones off."

Oh, Britney. I don't even know what to say any more.

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