Spoiler Hunt: Sex and the City

Sex and The City was a huge, long-running hit, with 94 episodes over six years, which cemented the four lead actresses (and Chris Noth) as stars. The last season was tough -- Charlotte discovered that she was infertile; Samantha was diagnosed with breast cancer; Carrie ended up with Aleksandr; and Miranda got stuck out in Brooklyn. (Brooklyn! Oh, the horror.)

But the season finale wrapped things up perfectly for the fans: Charlotte adopted a baby from China; Samantha found sex after chemo; Mr. Big came through for Carrie (and his real name's John -- go figure); and Miranda, well, she's still in Brooklyn, but maybe it's not so bad.

So now, four years later, what's left to do? The hype is fast and strong, and rumors of trouble on the set are thick. Did Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon really get bonuses for putting up with Kim Cattrall? Did they really have to delay filming because the guy who plays Charlotte's husband got the hiccups? (Supposedly, and yes.)

As far back as last July, the gossip institution that is Cindy Adams wrote in the New York Post that Chris Noth had said, "In the 'Sex and the City' movie that never happened, Mr. Big had a fatal heart attack and died." They wouldn't -- would they? Of course, the movie had been announced as a definite three weeks earlier, so maybe Cindy was just on the sauce.

The movie finished filming in December and comes out May 30, and the rumor mill is in full churn. Here's what we know -- or think we know -- so far.

Carrie and Big Get Married:

What would have been the point, really, of doing a movie without a wedding? This is worth the price of admission for diehard fans, and if the wedding dress in the trailer is a tease or a dream sequence -- like some people think -- I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Michael Patrick King's house. Chris Noth did say in November, "To keep the plot points secret, the show's filming false scenes and fake endings just to throw everybody off." Then again, that was another Cindy Adams scoop, and we all know about her and the bottle.

Samantha Lives in L.A. Now:

What? That's just crazy talk. Are they going to change the name to Sex and the Cities?

Charlotte Gets Pregnant:

Pictures of Kristin Davis on the set wearing a prosthetic bump were leaked in September -- unless this is a dream sequence, too.

Sex and the City: The Early Years?:

Leaks from a casting call reported parts for four women between 18 and 25, one redhead. Flashback? Spin-off? Body doubles?

Last but not least: There's Already a Sequel in the Works:

That's right, the ladies had to commit to a sequel when the signed up, and the producers are working on the script. So maybe all the babies and weddings are just dream sequences, and the real thing happens in Sex and the City 2: Newark. Is it just me, or are we getting dangerously close to Golden Girls territory?