Big Batch O' Super Hot Links: Jan 29th

Often times while I'm out shopping for my groceries people will stop me and say "Hey, I really like reading your links columns... do you have one on you now?"

This is strange for a couple of reasons. First off, links columns are meant for you to click on, thus it's impossible for me to carry one in my wallet. Two, when I'm searching for that perfectly ripened Avocado the last thing I need to be thinking about is super hot links. So people, a word of warning: Links are meant for the computer.

Hmm, that's an overly silly opening - even for me. How about some links to make it up to you?

We could be looking at another Rambo sequel in our future.

Lionsgate cut a deal with the WGA which means that Weeds and Mad Men are coming back sooner rather than later. I guess the lesson here is: work for a mid-major studio instead of a big one.

When Guillermo del Toro is in talks to direct The Hobbit you can be people will be freaking out.

Slate points out one of the biggest problems Sundance is facing: Apathy. Here's my two cents on the film festival distribution model: It's a dinosaur. Why wouldn't you show something online for a couple of years and perhaps make a little money off it too? Why risk all your chips on the right person seeing it at the exact right moment? These fellows have had their movie seen 130k times in the past couple of weeks... which would seem to be the goal, wouldn't it?

Like video games? Want to know what is worth catching in '08?

I can't vouch for the veracity here, but who knows, perhaps you've wanted to be Thor your whole life.

Here's a super odd story about Sean Young heckling Julian Schnabel. Booze had to be involved, right?

It looks as though Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are coming back to a theater near you.

That Loch Ness monster movie that's been out of theaters a few weeks now stateside is getting a nice marketing push in Tokyo.

Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe? Actually, as it turns out, everyone ever born has been officially cast into the film.

Any time I can link to Jeffrey Wells I do - here he breaks down what could happen with the strike based on an article he read (I would link to the original... but it's way less clear where the content is on that particular blog). Then Jeffrey has a nice video embed of Quentin Tarantino going off on some fellow. Random side note: I've been to that Starbucks, as part of our Sundance coverage. Random side note two: I can't really blame Tarantino here. The Paps in Park City are merciless. clearly needs page views if they are breaking a Sidney Lumet interview into ten parts. So let's give them some, and mention once more (with authority), how terrible Before the Devil Knows You're Dead was.

In recognition of how nasty the box office result was this weekend here's a pleasant list of the worst box office weekends in history.

And finally, because I'm the sentimental sort, a loving look back at Sub Pop records.

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