What2Watch Thursday: 30 Rock One More Time

9pm on ABC: There is some heavy McFlirting on tonight's Grey's Anatomy, the last original episode filmed before the writers' strike. Derek deals with kissing nurse Rose after they bonded during a hairy brain surgery a few weeks ago. That happens to me all the time.

8:30pm on NBC: New 30 Rock! I thought we were all done with Liz Lemon for a while, but looks like they found a way to make some Lemonade. This week Edie Falco wraps up her tree-episode stint as Jack's democratic paramour.

8pm on ABC: Pretty in Pink Alert! Annie Potts guest stars on Ugly Betty as a clairvoyant trying to help Amanda find her father. Also, Betty just may hit the runway to show what a real woman looks like...um, not a good idea!

9pm on CBS: CSI goes to the rodeo where two murders appear to be linked to an illegal bull-breeding ring. Talk about ripped form the headlines.

10pm on BRAVO: Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor are on the hunt for the next great face on the new reality competition series Make Me A Supermodel.

Make Me a Supermodel: Tyson & Niki 

Make Me a Supermodel: In Pairs 

Make Me a Supermodel: Swim wear  

Make Me a Supermodel: No Gum 

Also Worth Watching:

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